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SHAH ALAM: Your better. Based on what I have been told on the Armoured Wheeled Vehicle (AWV) 4X4 tender for the Malaysian Unifil unit, I am of the opinion that it is most likely that the IAG Guardian and the Lipan Bara will be offered for the competition.

I will not get any confirmation on this of course as the competition is covered under many rules and regulations. The ruling also covers the winning bidder, so I guess we will have to wait for the ministry to announce it, likely in the middle of next year, if we are lucky of course.

Malbatt Guardians armed with 7.62 machine gun during a recent firing exercise in Lebanon. MYJointForce picture

Anyhow as I previously wrote in the Turkish Delights post, the specifications for the AWV 4X4 will be similar to the Guardians already in service with Malbatt in Lebanon. If that’s the case, of course, the Guardian and Lipan Bara will be eligible to enter the competition.

A Lipan Bara likely from the Armour School in Port Dickson at the Merdeka 2019 rehersal day.

Lipan Bara will not be offered by Deftech, as a result of the SPRM investigations last year. Another 4X4 vehicle already in service locally, albiet with PDRM, the Hanwha Barracuda 4X4 is another potential contender for the Lebanon duty. Hanwha had previously offer a 6X6 vehicle for the Arny’s requirements but for this competition, only a 4X4 will suffice.

A PDRM Barracuda operating in Sabah. PDRM

The South Korean 4X4 were purchased for the PDRM peacekeeping duties in Timur Leste and the vehicles were deployed in eastern Sabah during the Lahad Datu incident.

PDRM Typhoon. PDRM

Another PDRM vehicle, the Streit Typhoon is also likely another contender for the same competition. If I recalled correctly, PDRM only purchased two Typhoons about a decade ago. The vehicle is currently in used with the UTK.

Pindad Komodo. Pindad

As the requirements called for a 4X4 vehicle, another contender, PT Pindad, is unlikely to offer the Anoa which is a 6X6 vehicle. However, the state owned company may well offer – through its local representative, the Komodo 4×4. It fits the bill, on paper of course.

A digital camoed AV4 before it was renamed as the Lipan Bara.

The list above are not meant to be a representative of the vehicles lineup that that will be offered for the competition.

— Malaysian Defence

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