Tis The RWS You See

SHAH ALAM: Tis the RWS you see. The Auditor General in its latest audit report faulted the Defence Ministry for not fitting remote weapon stations (RWS) on the eight IAG Guardians put into service with the Malbatt unit deployed in Lebanon under UNIFIL.

It was for this reason, it deemed the Guardians was not up to standard. The lack of the RWS also resulted in the government not getting the full reimbursement from the UN for the purchase of the vehicles.

Malbatt Guardians armed with 7.62 machine gun during a recent firing exercise in Lebanon. MYJointForce picture

The AG also said Malaysian peacekeepers could be in jeopardy if they have to fight without the RWS. The Guardians like any other battle taxis though were designed to carry infantry to the front lines where they will have to dismount to fight.

Kongsberg Remote Weapon Station fitted with a 12.7mm machine gun and a 7.62mm machine gun. Kongsberg

Of course a RWS will enable an APC to conduct a much accurate suppressive fire to allow dismounts to exit the vehicle safely or withdraw to a much safer position.

Aselsan STAMP RWS.

Anyhow, I can now confirmed that the 20 Armoured Wheel Vehicle 4X4 being sought for UNIFIL mission will be equipped with a RWS each.

Rheinmetall remote weapon station. Rheinmetall

I was told that the RWS chosen must be able to mount up to a 12.7mm machine gun, though the type chosen will be left to the discretion of the vehicle bidder.

FN Defndr RWS fitted with a 12.7mm gun. FN

This means the RWS could be a Kongsberg, FN, Leonardo and Aselsan or whatever type put forward by the vehicle bidder. The Army – which is serving as the technical advisor for the tender – will have the final say on the one selected. This means if a vehicle A is offered with a RWS B, the Army could ask for it to be fitted with another type though I imagined most of the bidders will likely try to appeal the decision.

IAG Guardian displayed at Weststar booth at DSA 2018 equipped with an unknown RWS.

Therefore, I am assuming the tender committee will likely choose the vehicle and RWS combo as offered by the bidders themselves.

Reutech Rogue RWS with a 12.7mm machine gun on an ACV Gempita.

— Malaysian Defence

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