MPB Contract Award

The Multi-Purpose Boat undergoing testing around the Teluk Sepanggar in Kota Kinabalu in November 2020. Note the air condition compressor on top of the cabin roof. RMN

SHAH ALAM: MPB contract award. Sandakan Jaya Teknik Sdn Bhd has been awarded the Letter of Award (LOA) for the three multi purpose boats (MPB) sought by the Eastern Fleet Command for Op Benteng operations. A check on the Eperolehan website today showed that the LOA for the tender was awarded to the company. The LOA for the contract is RM2.4 million.

The cockpit of the MPB undergoing testing in November, 2020. RMN Eastern Fleet.

As reported previously

According the specifications published, two of the MPBs will be based at the TLDM base in Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu with the last one at Sandakan. It said the main task for the MPBs are for “Intercept the Contact of Interest(COI)”. Other duties include counter-piracy and anti-sea robbery operation, deter entry of illegal foreign fishing boats and immigrants, deter entry of illegal and goods smuggling activities, intelligence gathering activities as well as as search and rescue operation.

The cockpit of the MPB undergoing testing in November, 2020. RMN Eastern Fleet.

We know Sandakan Jaya would be the favourite for the tender as it had won the contract to supply a similar boat to the Eastern Fleet Command as reported here. In fact that boat went on trials on Nov. 11 last year, just a month after the tender for three boats was published on Sept. 24.
The MPB undergoing testing. Note the aircondition compressor on top of the cabin roof.

With the confirmation of the contract, the Eastern Fleet Command will now have four MPB very soon as the Op Benteng tender had specifically stated that the winning bidder must be able to supply the boats within 36 months. I dont think Sandakan Jaya will have any problems in fulfilling the requirement. Anyhow the RMN has the right to ask for damages if the company is tardy in meeting them.
A CGI of the Gading Marine FIC for the RMN. Gading Marine

It appears that the RMN has had better luck when in comes to delivery for its Op Benteng requirements. Perhaps its time to use the term in future tenders?

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Small but good enough and hopefully will serve its purpose..something is always better than nothing

  2. “use the term in future tenders?”
    Oh heavens no! Later some will say our fleet becomes rojak due to different parties might win sometimes. Better to continue awarding contract to singular companies until kingdom come. Who cares about open, transparency & fairness anyway?

  3. Firdaus – “something is always better than nothing”

    Depends on that “something”. If it’s not suitable or if the user for whatever reason can’t make use of the capabilities it’s intended to offer; then it’s not “better than nothing” …

  4. Marhalim – “Perhaps its time to use the term in future tenders?”

    Indeed. They have to push for stuff which has dual utility. Now is the time the armed forces should push for more NVGs and vehicle or tripod mounted thermals. These are great for border surveillance but also have a wartime utility.

    A few years ago it was reported that the RMAF was pushing for AEWs on the premise it has a peacetime utility too. Needless to say that approach didn’t work.

  5. The requirement seems to be for the MMEA.

    Why can’t the navy be focused on state actors and just get the Maharaja Lela Class completed?

    Do you know MMEA has to park it ships at the KK naval base as the construction of its own base nearby is delayed due to various issues?

  6. @Marhalim

    MMEA should implement the mothership platform. That should resolve the delay of its land base and also provide it with a resupply platform for the small patrol boats as discussed previously in your posting.

    The reason the mothership programme has not been launched is also one of the reasons the KK MMEA base has not gone anywhere apart from the planning. Its the money or the lack of it of course

  7. @Hasnan
    Its not that TLDM doesn’t want to in fact they are desperate for them, but while handling rogue states are essential, non-state actors are equally important and that’s what’s Ops Benteng is for. Moreover the fight against Covid isn’t over yet. The budget for it is there so why should TLDM not utilise it. The issue with LCS OTOH just needs lotsa money and it needs RMK12 to budget for the completion so without that, its dead in the water. TLDM is rightly so to focus on things that can proceed first.

  8. Hasnan – “Why can’t the navy be focused on state actors”

    Obviously because the MMEA is unable to fully assume all its responsibilities. It’s not as if the RMN is reluctant to do so; the fact remains that until the MMEA is adequately funded, the RMN is left with no choice.

  9. @Joe

    I believe there is RM3B left…enough for the completion of at least 2 LCS

    Then wait for the additional RM3B more in RMK12…to complete the other 4

  10. @Hasnan
    There is Rm 3Bil more in the initial budget, yes. But I think the Government wanted some better way forward and more accountability from BNS before they through in more money.

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