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SHAH ALAM: Fast and multi-purpose. It appears that the RMN Eastern Fleet has already conducting field testing of a multi-purpose boat. It is unclear however whether the boat which was featured in a social media post by the fleet command on Nov. 11 is the one that has won the tender, published on Sept 24 and closed on Oct. 16. It did not identify the manufacturer. (See the comments by Mike for clarification on the issue)

The post via the Eastern Fleet Twitter feed.

Laju & serba boleh!

Perolehan aset baru TLDM seperti Multi-Purpose Boat (MPB) dijangka dpt memperkasa rondaan #OpBenteng di sekitar kawasan operasi. Panglima Armada Timur berpuas hati dgn prestasi serta kemampuan bot ini semasa sesi uji cuba pagi ini.

A screenshot of the Eastern Fleet Twitter post on the testing of the multi-purpose boat.

I asked the Eastern Fleet which shipyard had built the boat on testing and the reply was “Sandakan Jaya Teknik Sdn Bhd”. A quick Google search showed the shipyard had been building fibreglass boats for private companies and Sabah state departments for at least five years now.

A 50 foot boat built by Sandakan Jaya Teknik Sdn Bhd. Sandakan Jaya Teknik Sdn Bhd.

From the earlier posting on the tender for the boats:

The MPB will also be used for the supply of logistics to RMN sea basing and offshore sites and general transportation.
The other technical aspects
“It shall be able to maintain cruising at 35 knots and sprinting speed more than 48 knots (half load), 45knots (full load) and shall be able to be transported by land using low loader truck and hoisted using at least 10 tonnes crane.Robustness. It shall be able to withstand rough handling andoperating in sea condition not less than Sea State 2.Simplicity. It shall be easy to operate and manned by minimum number of crews three (3) which is helmsman, technical and seaman staff

A close up of the GPS unit on board the MPB undergoing testing. RMN Eastern Fleet.

From the pictures uploaded from the Twitter post, it appears that the boat undergoing testing fits the specifications and requirements of three MPB tender.

The cockpit of the MPB undergoing testing. RMN Eastern Fleet.

It must be noted that the eperolehan have not announced the winner of the tender. The boat under going testing may well be the winner of the tender but the page has not been updated with it as of Nov. 11.

The MPB undergoing testing. Note the aircondition compressor on top of the cabin roof.

From the price list schedule, five companies were deemed qualified for the tender. The lowest bid is RM2.3 million while the highest was RM5.7 million.

Updated with clarification by Mike, see comments section

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