2021 Budget, Defence and Internal Security Allocations

SHAH ALAM: 2021 Budget. The Defence Ministry got an allocation of RM15.86 billion, an increase of some RM200 million compared to last year’s one in the just announced 2021 budget. The Home Ministry for the second year running was allocated around RM1 billion more with a RM16.852 billion allocation.

The combined allocation for both the defence and internal securiy allocations are RM32.7 billion or 10.1 per cent from the RM322.5 billion 2021 budget, the highest since Merdeka.

Army and GOF joint patrol in ESSCOM AOR. Note the GK-M1 weapon carriers. The left one is fitted with a 12.7mm machine gun while the other is fitted with an automatic grenade launcher.

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz in his budget speech did not touch too much on the security sub-sector apart from announcing the allocation for both though he did rounded up the figures to the nearest number (Defence RM16 billion and Home RM18 billion, for the actual figures see above).

This is of course better than the shadow play in the 2020 budget presentation.

A Super Lynx being put on board the A400M. RMAF

He also said to ensure the Armed Forces maintained a high readiness the maintenance allocation had been increased to RM2.3 billion this year compared to RM2 billion the previous year. This of course goes to the Operational Expenditure (OE) and Development Expenditure (DE) budget. I guess we have to wait for the question and answer sessions to get a better explanation on this issue.

KD Lekiu CMS crew conducting a live firing exercise off Langkawi under OP Benteng. KD Lekiu FB

OE and DE
Despite the increase in the overall allocation, the OE budget of RM11.3 billion for Defence is a slight decrease from last year one of RM12.496 billion. The DE budget saw an increase of almost RM2 billion – RM4.505 billion compared to last year figure of RM3.083 billion. This is likely the figure quoted by the Finance Minister in his speech.


Inside the cabin of a PDRM Baracuda armoured car. PDRM

The detailed DE allocation for the Army is RM1.122 billion, most of it for equipment RM1.02 billion while the rest is for construction. The RMN is getting RM1.193 billion, the majority of it for equipment, RM1.148 billion, the rest for construction and RMAF is getting RM1.49 billion, again the bulk is for equipment, RM1.478 billion.

Leonardo AW139

MMEA Leonardo AW139 landing onboard a ship. APMM

Internal Security
As for the Home Ministry, the OE is RM13.693 billion down from last year’s figure of RM13.839 billion. The DE for the ministry for 2021 is higher at RM3.158 billion compared to RM3.088 billion, last year.

A sailor from KD Pahang firing the 30mm Breda Mauser gun located on top of the helicopter hangar aft. The gun can be fired manually from the mount or remotely from the combat information centre.

The police is getting the bulk of the DE allocation for the ministry, totalling some RM1.6 billion. The allocation include funds for the Air Wing (RM10 million) and aircraft (RM3.84 million)

PDRM Super King Air 350 on finals at Subang airport. The aircraft ids fitted an unknown type of ISR equipment. Note the radome under the belly.

APMM meanwhile is getting RM378 million most of it is likely to pay for the ships its getting or has gotten.

To be updated.

— Malaysian Defence

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