2020 Budget, Defence and Internal Security Sub Sectors

SHAH ALAM: 2020 Budget, Defence and Internal Security Sub-Sectors. The Defence Ministry has been allocated RM15.6 billion in the 2020 budget, with the Home Ministry getting RM16.9 billion. The allocation for security sector is RM32.5 billion from a total expenditure of RM297 billion. Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng when announcing the Malaysin national budget at Parliament today said the Defence Ministry budget was an increase of RM1.7 billion from RM13.9 billion allocated in 2018.

It must be said when the 2019 budget was announced last year, the figure was RM13.9 billion but it was announced several weeks later that an extra allocation of RM1.45 billion was allocated and this increased the 2019 budget to RM15.376. This means that 2020 budget for Mindef is actually an increase of some RM300 million. Apart from the speech, 2020 budget document also used the original figure announced for Mindef during the 2019 budget.

A screenshot of the Defence Ministry release in 2018 on the increase of its 2019 allocation.

I guess that this is the official line as even Mindef says it gotten an increase of allocation of RM1.67 billion.

The Defence Ministry posted this graphic on its Twitter page.

I reported the increase in allocation in my updated 2019 budget post.

Defence Ministry graphic on the 2020 budget allocation.

The Operational Expenditure for the Defence Ministry is RM12.5 billion while the Development Expenditure is RM3.1 billion. The DE allocation is actually lower than figure originally announced last year which was RM3.6 billion.

LCS PCU. Maharaja Lela. Her name could be seen on the stern.

From the budget document, it appears that the navy will received the biggest DE allocation, RM945 million for equipment and RM27 million for infrastructure. The Army is getting RM746 million for equipment and RM113 million for infrastruture and air force, RM383 million, equipment and RM17.5 million for infrastructure. For the tri-service or Joint Force command, its RM485 million for equipment and RM48 million for infrastructure works.

Marine police special operators during a training mission.

As for the Home Ministry, this was the second time that its budget had passed the Defence Ministry. This is not surprising as since last year, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) was moved to the Home Ministry. For 2020, the Home Ministry is getting an OE of RM13.8 billion and a DE of RM3.088 billion. The OE is an increase of RM1.24 billion compared to last year figure of RM12.565 while the DE see an increase of some RM100 million or so.


The first MMEA OPV undergoing final assembly at THHE yard at Pulau Indah, Port Klang.

As for the police, it is getting a DE allocation of RM1.67 billion, a marginal increase from last year while the MMEA’s DE allocation is RM414 million, a decrease of some RM30 million from 2019. Note they are other agencies under the Home Ministry from immigration to the prisons department which also received funds from the budget allocation.

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