Briefings For MPA and UAS Tenders

SHAH ALAM: Briefings for MPA and UAS tenders. The Defence Ministry’s Procurement Division together with Defence Industry Division and RMAF hold separate briefings for the procurement of the MPA and UAS last week. Though the tenders for both were published on 25 August, the one for MPA (two aircraft) will closed on 3 December while the UAS system on 26 November.

Leonardo ATR 72 MPA. Leonardo

The briefings were held via video conferencing due to the current pandemic, the MPA one on 1 October and UAS on 2 October at the Intermark Hotel, says the RMAF in two separate releases. Not much details were issued in both releases though it stated that both are international tenders. Only companies which took part in the briefings are eligible to take part in them, it must be noted.


As both are classified as international tenders, OEMs can bid their products directly without going through a local company, though one can be appointed later for maintenance and support. OEMs could also appoint a local company to act on their behalf, of course, from the start.

Chilean Navy C295 MPA. Airbus

What does this means in the practical terms then? This means Leonardo, Airbus, Boeing, Kawasaki and PTDI can take part directly in the MPA contest without the need for a local partner.

RAAF P-8A flying over RMAF Butterworth. Australian Defense Department

This also mean Turkish Aerospace and Baykar Makina can go head to head with others for the UAS contest though it is likely they will be partnered with local companies from the start. I am putting the companies as examples only as I have not got any confirmation whether any of them had actually attended the briefing which was mandatory for them to take part in the tender. Of course they could also have their local representatives take part in the briefing.

CN235 MPA of TNI-AL displayed at LIMA 2015.

The MPA release also said this : Kerajaan Malaysia telah meluluskan sejumlah peruntukan di bawah Kelulusan Keperluan Kritikal (Rancangan Perbelanjaan (RP)-4) bagi perolehan dua (2) buah pesawat MPA bagi Fasa 1. Melalui perancangan awal CAP55, jumlah keseluruhan adalah enam (6) buah MPA yang diperlukan oleh TUDM.

A picture of the MPA briefing. RMAF

Pictures from both briefings showed mostly the ministry’s personnel together with grainy pictures of the companies representatives, locally and from overseas. A picture of the UAS briefing showed a couple of slides of the technical specifications of the system being sought, however.

A picture from the UAS briefing, note the screens. RMAF

From what I can see, it stated that the UAS and its associated systems must be certified for NATO standards or the equivalent. One thing that can be seen clearly on the screens were “Prototypes will not be considered”.

A PLAN KQ200 MPA as provided by the Taiwan Defence Ministry. This is the same type of MPA flying over the SCS. It is unlikely to be offered for our MPA programme though. If it was it will be front page news. Taiwan MND

Anyhow I was told for the MPA tender that only new airframes will be considered leaving us with the ATR, C-295, P-8, P-1 and CN235 as the most likely aircraft to be offered for the competition.

Kawasaki P-1. JMSDF

That said I could be wrong of course as I have no access to the tender documents.

— Malaysian Defence

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