Preparing For The New Radar

SHAH ALAM: Preparing for the new radar. It appears that RMAF is preparing the ground work for the site of the new air surveillance radar which had been funded. RMAF Air Operations Commander Lt. Gen Abdul Mutalib Abd Wahab visited the proposed site of the new radar in Sarawak on Oct. 23.

RMAF did not revealed the proposed radar site location though. However as it has been reported that the ThalesRaytheon GM403 radar is based near Kuching, Sarawak, it is likely that new radar will be sited somewhere between the state and Sabah.

Thales Raytheon GM 403 radar. TUDM

It is likely that RMAF has learnt from difficulties it had with the GM403 radar site. The difficulties were detailed in the Auditor General’s Report 2018 though it left out the location of the radar, citing national security reasons.
Mutalib (right) at the proposed radar site. RMAF picture

The report concluded that better planning and coordination by RMAF could have been prevented the delays in the completion of the project which it said had detrimental effects to national security. The report noted that the main reason for the delay in completing the radar site was a result of it being funded in stages due to the lack of money.
A model of the Leonardo RAT 31 D/L air surveillance radar.

The purchase of the new air defence radar was confirmed by RMAF chief ahead of the service’s anniversary in June. Story. Malaysian Defence also reported on the competition for the radars – three were sought – but only one was funded.
Saab Giraffe 4A multi function radar.

Anyhow, I was told that RMAF had selected the radar for the new site though as I am not sure whether the contract has been signed or not. Or whether they will still have to tender it out. While I am glad that the government now prefers open competition, one has to wonder whether it is smart to ask for bidders for things which can only be sourced from the OEM only, like technical documentation for a certain helicopter.
AN/TP-77 long range surveillance radar. Lockheed Martin.

Please note that the radars pictured here including that of the GM 403, is for used for illustrative purposes only.

— Malaysian Defence

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