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NLAW and Goose M4 on Display

SHAH ALAM: Saab displayed inert versions of its NLAW and Carl Gustav M4 recoilless rifle at the recent DSA 2024. And more importantly the officials manning the stand confirmed that the Malaysian Army has procured the NLAW and will soon take delivery of the Goose M4. This is unlike in […]

Defence Contract

Goose M4 Coming, Part 2. Updated

SHAH ALAM: Back in July 2023, Malaysian Defence reported that a tender for procurement, supply, testing and delivery of an 84mm anti-tank weapon system or the Saab Carl Gustav M4 – the latest version of the recoilless rifle – was floated on the Eperolehan website. The tender was for 110 […]

Defence Contract

Goose M4 Coming

SHAH ALAM: Back in May, 2021, Malaysian Defence reported that a tender for the supply of 110 launchers of an 84mm anti-tank was floated in the Eperolehan website. Unfortunately, three months later, Malaysian Defence wrote that this tender was cancelled, as usual for no apparent reason. I was told recently, […]

Gripen E

Gripen E Operational in Brazil

SHAH ALAM: Gripen E operational in Brazil. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) held a ceremony on December 19 at the Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) marking the beginning of operational activities of the Gripen E fighters (referred to as Gripen F-39 in Brazil) by the First Air Defense Group (1st GDA). […]

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A Lot More NLAWs

SHAH ALAM: A lot more NLAWs. As you are aware, Malaysian Defence had written about the Army procuring NLAW from Saab since before the pandemic. The disclosure came through two MTO notices published in 2018 and 2019. However, the procurement was never acknowledged publicly, by the Army and Saab themselves. […]

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Army Ordnance Training on The NLAW

SHAH ALAM: Army ordnance training on the NLAW. IT appears that the Army Ordnance Corps has been issued with at least one Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW) training round. The NLAW training round is likely part of the Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit based in Mempaga, Pahang. The […]

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No Goose?

SHAH ALAM: No Goose? Back in May I posted about a request for bids for 110 84mm recoilless anti-tank weapon which sounds and looks like the Army wanted to buy the latest generation Carl Gustav M4 anti-tank weapon. To Goose or Not To Goose. From the post: The Army has […]

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The Goose Or Not The Goose

SHAH ALAM: The Goose or not the goose. The Army has a requirement for 110 units of 84mm recoilless anti-tank weapon for its combat units, according to an advertisement published by the Defence Ministry on May 25. The tender will be closing on 17 June. Although the specifications basically says […]

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More GlobalEyes For UAE

SHAH ALAM: UAE has signed the contract for the purchase of two more Saab GlobalEye airborne surveillance system. Saab on Jan. 4 announced the signing of the contract, an amendment to the contract signed with UAE in 2015. With the confirmation of the contract, UAE will be getting five GlobalEyes […]

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Saab Delivers Second GlobalEye

SHAH ALAM: Saab today announced that it had delivered the second GlobalEye Swing Role Surveillance System to the United Arab Emirates. This follows Saab’s delivery of the first GlobalEye aircraft in April 2020 to the United Arab Emirates, which has ordered three GlobalEye aircraft. The initial contract was signed in […]