Malaysia -RMN

Run To The Hills

LUMUT: Run to the hills. Its now official, the RMN’s first of class LCS, the Maharaja Lela will not be able to make it to LIMA 19 next year as the ship is missing one vital piece of equipment. Infact Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) cannot confirm the delivery date for […]

Malaysian Army

Have Gun Will Travel

SHAH ALAM: Have Gun Will Travel. Whenever Malaysian Defence posted anything on the Deftech Gempita AV8 variants somehow or rather the conversation in the comments will touch on the lack of a dedicated anti-aircraft variant in the lineup. Recently I also wrote that the lack of the AA variant could […]

Malaysian Defence

More Starstreak Firings

SHAH ALAM: More Starstreak Firings. It appears that Grup Artileri Pertahanan Udara or GAPU has undertaken more firings of the Starstreak short range air defence missiles. Of interest is that it appears that GAPU had fired the missiles using the New Generation Lightweight Multiple Launcher (NG-LML) and Rapid Ranger turrets. […]

Malaysia -police

SP Holder Promoted As VAT 69 CO

SHAH ALAM: SP holder promoted as VAT 69 commander. Malaysian Defence is late to this but on 18th Oct, the police announced that ACP Abdul Mohd Yusof, honoured with the country’s highest federal award – the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP) for his bravery in the 2000 Al Maunah incident […]

Malaysian Army

Deputy Army Chief Appointed

SHAH ALAM: Deputy Army Chief Appointed. Mej. Gen Hasagaya Abdullah, the former Third Division commander was promoted to Lt General and appointed as the new Army deputy chief on Oct. 18. Hasagaya, 55, became the deputy Army chief some seven years after his predecessor and current Army chief Gen. Hasbullah […]

Malaysia -RMN

Fourth LCS Keel Laying Ceremony

SHAH ALAM: Fourth LCS Keel Laying Ceremony. The keel laying ceremony for the fourth LCS is tentatively scheduled for October 31. And if the naming convention is followed, the fourth ship will be named Mat Salleh, in honour of the Sabah warlord who led a rebellion against the British in […]

Malaysian Army

Coming Home

SHAH ALAM: Condors Coming Home. Six Condors which had served in Lebanon since early 2007 are coming home. The six vehicles are currently stored at the Beirut port awaiting shipment back to Malaysia as soon as the Defence Ministry can find the logistics company to arrange for their ride. The […]

Malaysia -RMN

Out In The Open

SHAH ALAM: Out in the open. The parliament started its second session after the May 9 general elections on Monday (Oct. 15) with the 2019 budget expected to be table this November 2. The government is also expected to table the mid-term review of the RMK11 during the same session. […]

Malaysia -RMN

Jebat in India

SHAH ALAM: Jebat in India. Frigate KD Jebat is currently in India, at the Kochi naval base to be exact, undergoing the Operational Sea Training with the Indian navy. The OST is being conducted at the Indian Navy training command. RMN has not issued a release on Jebat’s training sojourn […]