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Fire At Army Museum, Updated

SHAH ALAM: Fire at Army museum. The exhibition gallery of the Army museum at Port Dickson were damaged in a fire today. Bernama reported that 50 per cent of the exhibition gallery were damaged in the incident. The report stated that the area affected in the 8.25am incident was the […]

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Police Getting New AW139

SHAH ALAM: Police getting new AW139. As reported previously, the police’s Air Wing AW139 fleet is getting bigger. The Home Ministry in its post on its official Twitter handle on Sept. 21 2018 reported of a pre-delivery inspection ceremony for an AW139 helicopter in Italy. It is a little bit […]

Defence Contract

Qatar Typhoon and Hawk Deal Effective

SHAH ALAM: Qatar Typhoon and Hawk Deal Effective. Qatar’s deal to buy 24 Typhoon jets and nine Hawks is now officially effective after BAE Systems received its first payment it was announced on Sept. 18, 2018. The deal, worth around £5bn includes the aircraft and a bespoke support and training […]

Malaysian Army

Frowning All The Time

SHAH ALAM: Frowning All The Time. The press release,below, from Saab is one those things which at the same time interesting but also infuriating. Interesting as its about new mortar rounds but infuriating as Saab refused to name the customer. What does it go to do with Malaysia then? I […]

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Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 2

SHAH ALAM: Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 2. In an earlier post, I reported that Egypt may well beat Malaysia in getting their first Gowind corvette. And indeed it had happened as the Egypt Navy took delivery of its first Gowind corvette last year. Now it appears that Egypt will […]

Malaysian Army

Fight The Horde

SHAH ALAM: Fight the horde. The Army is set to receive the first batch of MD Helicopters MD530Gs light scout attack helicopter, early next year, it newly appointed head Jen Hasbullah Nawawi said today. He says the helicopters will be received in batches. He says testing of the helicopters – […]

Malaysian Army

27th Army Chief

SHAH ALAM: 27th Army chief. Deputy Army chief Jen. Ahmad Hasbullah Nawawi has been promoted as the the 27th chief of the army. He replaces Jen Zulkiple Kassim who goes on leave today prior to mandatory retirement. Hasbullah was earlier promoted to a four star before the change of commmand […]