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LAW In The Wild

SHAH ALAM: LAW in the wild. A year ago Malaysian Defence reported that the Army was getting an unknown number of Nammo M72 LAW shoulder launched rockets after a tender was issued to find the MTO to ship back these weapons to Malaysia. At DSA 2018 Malaysian Defence reported that […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Rafale Dans Ma Ville

SHAH ALAM: Rafale Dans Ma Ville. Three Dassault Rafales arrived at Subang this afternoon as part of a French Air Force (FAF) tour of Southeast Asia following their deployment to Exercise Pitch Black 2018. The three twin-seaters flew direct to Malaysia from Jakarta its first stop of the tour. The […]

Malaysia - RMAF

RMAF-IAF Joint Exercise

SHAH ALAM: RMAF-IAF Joint Exercise. RMAF and IAF ended its first ever bilateral exercise launching two Sukhoi Su-30MKM and Su-30MKI Flankers each from Subang airport this morning. Two Flankers – one each from both air forces – conducted a flypast over the Subang airbase to mark the end of the […]

Malaysian Defence

Indian Flankers In Town

SHAH ALAM: Indian Flankers in Town. The Indian Air Force contingent which took part in Exercise Pitch Black in Australia for the last three weeks, arrived in Subang today. The stop-over had been planned since the IAF announced it was to take part in Australian exercise last year. Ex Pitch […]

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Stealth Over Sabah

SHAH ALAM: Stealth Over Sabah. A couple of U.S Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II stealth fighters took part in a live firing exercise at Kota Belud range in Sabah on Aug. 15. The stealth fighters were embarked on USS Essex, a Wasp class LHD which is part of the Essex […]

Malaysia - RMAF

New Radars For Hornets

SHAH ALAM: New Radars for Hornets. As you are aware the US Marine Corps is looking to replace the radar of its F/A-18 Hornets with a new active electronically scanned array (AESA) system. The program is needed as the service intends to fly its Hornets – similar to the ones […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Future Plan, RMAF Cap 55

SHAH ALAM: Future Plan, RMAF Cap 55. RMAF has published a graphic of its Capability 55 program detailing its plans up to 2055. The existence of the plan was first made public during the media interview ahead of this year’s anniversary celebration. Based on the graphics, RMAF future fast jet […]

Auditor General Report

Standard Firearm, the Colt M4 Carbine

SHAH ALAM: Standard Fiream. Its appears that the Colt M4 Carbine is the standard firearm for the government with the latest user being, the Customs Department. The department bought 100 M4A1 Carbines for RM891,500 on Aug. 26. 2015. Unfortunately as the police have not issued the licenses for the carbines, […]

Malaysian Defence

Water Under The Bridge

SHAH ALAM: Water Under The Bridge. Several days after Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu revealed in Parliament that only four out of 18 Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker of the RMAF is serviceable, the service finally responded with a statement on the issue. It stated that the lack of funding and provisions for […]