Future Plan, RMAF Cap 55

SHAH ALAM: Future Plan, RMAF Cap 55. RMAF has published a graphic of its Capability 55 program detailing its plans up to 2055. The existence of the plan was first made public during the media interview ahead of this year’s anniversary celebration.

RMAF Cap 55 plan

Based on the graphics, RMAF future fast jet fleet will be two types, a multi role combat aircraft (MRCA) and the light combat aircraft (LCA) divided into five squadrons. Based on past and current squadron strength I am assuming that the MRCA will have 36 aircraft while the LCA 54.
Cap55 fighter program

From the 54 LCA, it is likely that around 12 will be used as the lead-fighter-trainer (LIFT). You can choose your own preferred aircraft in the comments section.
cap 55 transport program

The transport squadron will be reduced to three squadrons from the current four while the type will be reduced from four to two. The first transport squadron will be for the strategic/MRTT roles while the two others will be tactical airlifters.
Cap 55 helicopter plan

Under the plan, there will be only two helicopter squadrons with the type reduce to one. There will also be one squadron of MPA, long endurance UAS and AEW. The RMAF of the future will operate nine ground based air defence radars as well as one regiment of ground based air defence (GBAD) system. As the air force did not identify the types of the aircraft and ground based systems, you can choose you preferred equipment also in the comments section.
Cap 55 GBAD

RMAF says the plan’s main impact will be the optimisation of the budget for most maximum impact. This is the first long term plan from the service which had been made public in recent memory. It goes to show that the RMAF and its sister services always had their plans despite claims otherwise.
Cap 55 air surveillance capability.

The biggest question, will the plan survives the first contact with the politicians, remained unanswered. Hopefully by October, we will have some hints, at least.

— Malaysian Defence

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