Rafale Dans Ma Ville

A Rafale at Pitch Black. COA

SHAH ALAM: Rafale Dans Ma Ville. Three Dassault Rafales arrived at Subang this afternoon as part of a French Air Force (FAF) tour of Southeast Asia following their deployment to Exercise Pitch Black 2018. The three twin-seaters flew direct to Malaysia from Jakarta its first stop of the tour.

The Rafales are supported by three FAF airlifters – an Airbus A310, an Airbus A400M and a Hercules C-130J. Only the A400M took part in Pitch Black with the three Rafales while the A310 and Hercules had stayed in Singapore since the contingent flew in from India in mid July. The A400M was also supposed to arrive today but it was delayed until tomorrow as it is helping Indonesian authorities to deliver aid to the quake hit island of Lombok.

FAF Rafales in their shelter at RAAF Darwin. COA

Pitch Black was held for three weeks in Darwin from July 27 to Aug. 17. The other FAF aircraft which took part in Pitch Black was a C235 based in French Polynesia.

FAF C235 which took part in Pitch Black. COA

As reported previously the FAF deployment to Australia, Southeast Asia and India have been called Exercise Pegasus 2018. Pegasus is half flag waving mission and half marketing program for the Rafale and the A400M.

FAF deployment to Pitch Black. FAF

Initially the tour of Southeast Asia included Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore only but later FAF stated that the contingent would also visit Vietnam.

The FAF Rafale Bs preparing for a sortie at Pitch Black.

From Darwin, the three Rafales and A400M flew into Jakarta on Aug. 19. While in Jakarta, the Rafales and A400M flew Indonesian air force personnel on familiarisation flights. There is no word yet what is in store for the FAF contingent in Malaysia but its likely include familiarisation flights as well with the Rafales.

A Rafale at Pitch Black. COA

After Malaysia, the tour will continue into Vietnam before ending in Singapore. The FAF contingent will fly to India after Singapore before the Rafales returned to UAE where they are based. The airlifters will returned to France where they are based.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Seems the Frogs are not letting or giving up. If they want to sell their Rafales, p’haps they should consider offering lease or lend-n-lease programs to TUDM and TNI-AU. That is, if they’re desperate enough. They know our current predicament and know interest alone won’t translate into a sales order at least in our case.
    Whilst I am not a great Dassault fan, I know it’s a quality buy. They Frogs should look into offering alternative packages that are agreeable to both France and Malaysia. In the latter case, it is admittedly difficult what with our desire to have French lend support for our palm oil products.

  2. Just have to give credit to the Frogs for not giving up on their futile marketing campaign. It takes true ‘professionalism’ and stubbornness especially when you realized your target is more or less broke…

  3. So we have IAF MKIs here just few days ago and French Rafales here currently. Wow! TUDM now becomes a tourist destination.

  4. I’m a new poster here. I agree with Taib and kerberosWXIV, if the French are trying to sell Rafales door-to-door here in SEA, then they came to the wrong neighbourhood. It’s like they are trying to sell Ferraris to a country that can only afford Protons. Maybe if the French made a single-engine version for an LCA/MRCA requirement (similar to JF-17/FA-50/Gripen) it might sell. But even then I am sceptical of how much cheaper that can be compared to a full fledged Rafale.

    The MRCA requirement in Malaysia is for a twin engine aircraft so it’s not the fault of the French to try to sell the Rafale here. The customer is always right.

  5. Bro Joe, let’s DOA we will see Kuwaiti Hornets homing our way soon. Am an optimist so am hopeful we can see extra birds beefing up our air force.

  6. Well with the proposed cancellation of BRIM.. They might have enough money to buy 8 rafale.. Assuming Tun M dont use the RM10 billion savings to finance the 3rd national car project

    As Najib was inclined to buy the Rafales, if the money is available, they will buy something else

  7. @Taib
    I too am an optimist and hope those F18s will be ours, but at same time am a realist; I heard that Saudi king is somewhat displeased with the directions of the New Administration. The Kuwaiti deal needs his tacit approval, as you know. We shall see how this pans out.

    I would prefer if they save that money and go for 5th gen planes instead. Since MRCA isn’t an obvious priority, we can wait for the various 5th gen platforms to mature & undergo production. MPAs are more important and if TunM is so inclined to Japan, he can go for their P-3s. High mileage or not, at least its better than nothing right now and at least with Japanese maintenance culture, these planes are assuredly well maintained for use. We also have the option to seek spares from USA boneyard. Get them under lower profile FMS and send our A400s to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and collect them.

  8. We need to accept the fact that we will never be a country with power projection in the region. The best we can do is make it costly for anyone who attacks us. In fact, we probably can’t even do that alone. The reality is we could try to delay attackers long enough for friendly nations, whomever they may be to come to our aid. For this reality, we need to focus on long range SAMs and ground based radar networks that cover the whole coastline, a daunting task in itself. The role of manned fighters will be point defence and maybe CAS for defending ground troops. Possibly some naval strike abilities as well. Let’s forget about expensive show horse fighters and buy donkey FA-50s or equivalent instead. We should also look into the use of armed drones.

  9. What i can say that no major purchase will be make for the next 5 years maybe on going project only will be cancelled. Reason . 1- we are bankrupt state ” our pm & fm said that” 2- we are entering slow economy phase unless does guy in the cabinet can make magic happen rather that fighting each other

  10. Off topic

    Just watched tonight’s majalah tiga, seems that 15 skuadron in butterworth is alive and well. Now with just 5 hawks with the squadron (a mix of single and twin seaters). IMO the function of the 15 skuadron overlaps with the 3FTC in Kuantan, basically Lead In Fighter Trainers (3FTC using MB-339CM and PC-7MkII while 15 Skn uses Bae Hawks). This is a waste of the extremely limited resources and something that could become a big cost reduction exercise if the future LCA/LIFT could be combined into 1 common platform.

    @ joe

    Another advantage of getting P-3s is spending the money and resources in Malaysia for the upkeep and maintenance. P-3s have a lot of common with the C-130 and this would create the need of enginners and technicians to maintain and overhaul the aircraft. This would enhance the knowledge pool of malaysians in aerospace maintenance. So millions spend on malaysian people and economy rather than billions overseas.

  11. “As Najib was inclined to buy the Rafales, if the money is available, they will buy something else.”

    THANK GOD. Malaysia has enough troubles on its plate now and does not need another potential Scorpene Scandal in the making (just looked at the multitudes of scandals and how the cost of the Indian Rafale deal is spiraling out of control) … As for the Saudi being displeased with the new government, I would take that as a great compliment and a positive indication that Malaysia is finally heading in the right direction… Instead of pinning hopes on desert mirages and MRCA-pies in the sky, why not figure out how to properly manage the assets currently in service (like perhaps completing the MKMs maintenance) and embark on the more realistic LCA project…

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