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Pegasus 2023 Mission. French Armed Forces.

SHAH ALAM: Seven aircraft from the French Air and Space Force landed in Subang this afternoon (June 26) for a two-day stop-over. The aircraft – four Rafale fighter jets, two Multi Role Tanker and Transport and a single A400M airlifter will be based at the Subang airbase.

According to a release from the French Embassy in KL, the French aircraft will conduct training – presumably with RMAF – before returning to France. The aircraft are part of the Pegasus 2023 mission which sees 10 Rafales, five MRTTs and four A400M flying to ten countries.

The other aircraft also landed in Singapore today (June 26). The contingent had stopped in UAE prior to their arrival in Malaysia and Singapore.

After Malaysia and Singapore, Pegasus next stops are Guam and Palau whereby the French contingent will participate in large-scale exercises together with the Americans. The transport aircraft will be deployed to New Caledonia and French Polynesia to carry out various missions.

From July 24, the mission will shift to South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia and then a return transit via Qatar and Djibouti. Each stopover will be the subject of joint training with partner air forces.

Release from French Embassy in KL:

The Pégase 23 mission of the French Air and Space Force is making a stopover
in Malaysia from June 26 th to 28 th 2023.
This major air mission encompasses 11 stopovers in 10 countries, with
cooperation planned with 14 partnering air forces.
The aim is to deploy a large-scale presence from mainland France: 10 RAFALE
combat aircraft, 5 Phénix A330 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) refuelling
aircraft and 4 A400M Atlas transport aircraft.
In Malaysia, 4 RAFALE, 2 MRTT and 1 A400M will be posted at Subang air
base from June 26th to 28th where they will carry out trainings and then will
return to France.
Malaysia and France are long-standing partners that have been enjoying close
cooperation in all areas since 1957. This is particularly true in the military field.
France would like to thank the Malaysian authorities for welcoming this mission
and for the joint exercises that will be carried out on this occasion. This mission
illustrates the mutual trust between our two countries and the deep logistical
synergy, sustained by the use of shared equipment.
France is a Nation of the Indo-Pacific. Two million French nationals live in the
region, particularly in the French overseas territories, which represent 9 million
km 2 of exclusive economic zone (EEZ). France has a permanent military
presence in the Indo-Pacific.
France's deployments in the Indo-Pacific region are carried out within the
framework of the French Indo-Pacific strategy which advocates for a balanced
and non-confrontational approach, the protection of international law and free
access to open spaces.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Are they trying to promote their Rafale to the new Govt and also the MRTT as prospect that we might need a tanker?

  2. Although they here for only diplomacy and promotional only but I hope we can restart our long desire to have Rafale.

    I think the omnirole capability of rafale put this jet as a leading jet in 4.5 gen fighter. Unfortunately the price tag is too pricey for us .

  3. Even if we signed for the Rafale tomorrow, the first jets will only be delivered in 2030. How do I know this? This is what the Indians have been told as they are deciding new fighter jets for its navy.

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