More Stuff For The Army, June 2023

A diver using a Seacraft DPV. Used for illustration only. Seacraft.

SHAH ALAM: The Army’s Kumpulan Ordnans (Ordnance Group) has issued three separate notices of quotation for the supply and delivery of diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), scanning sonar system and global positioning system (GPS).

The notices were published on June 23 and closes on June 30, which means bidders have only seven days to put in their bids.

As usual not much information is provided for each item sought apart from their numbers. For example, five DPVs are being sought and the winning bidder must supply them within 60 days of the issuance of the letter of award.

US Navy SEALS using a diver propulsion vehicle. US Navy.

It must be noted that the DPV is usually called in the military as the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV). As the DPV/SDV are mostly used by special forces it is likely that the five DPV sought are meant for the Grup Gerak Khas/Special Forces Group amphibious unit. The DPV/SPV allow divers to expand their range without additional physical exertion.

It must be noted that RMN Paskal/Special Forces Unit and the Marine Police Ungerin, also used the SDV for their operations. Note the SDV used by Paskal/Ungerin are nothing compared to the ones used by SEAL or other foreign SF units which are more akin to small submarines and are usually attached to nuclear submarines.

Two Special Operators getting ready to get out of water after transiting in the water using DPV. Seacraft.

Anyhow, the NFQ for the sonar scanning system call for the supply of two system of which must also be delivered sixty days following the issuance of the LOA. Again, this is likely to be used by the GGK amphibious unit which has the same system to locate drowning victims.

As for the GPS, the NFQ calls for 152 units which are likely hand-held ones. Hand-held GPS equipment are used through-out the Army so these may well be delivered to units other than the GGK.

— Malaysian Defence

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