MTO Tender For 60mm Mortars

On the way. Soldiers preparing to fire a 60mm mortar. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: A check on the Eperolehan website today revealed a tender for a multi-modal transport operator (MTO) to ship 60mm mortars from the UK. The shipment will be air flown from Heathrow airport to Kuala Lumpur International airport before being transported to its final destination, the 91 Ordnance Corp camp at Batu Kantomen in Kuala Lumpur.

As the mortars will be shipped from the UK, I am guessing that the mortars – likely the M6 Commando version – are manufactured by Hirtenberger Defence Systems. I stand to be corrected of course.

Firing the HDS 60mm mortar commando variant. HDS

The MTO tender will be closed on May 29. A tender for the supply, testing, delivery and commissioning of 47 60mm mortar was published in June and July 2021. No contract was announced although 13 bidders qualified for the tender.
the HDS 60mm mortar commando variant with its sling could b easily packed. HDS

The lowest bid came at RM2.5 million while the highest was listed at RM4.38 million. Most of the bids came between RM3.3 million and RM3.8 million though.
An Army mortar team getting ready to fire a 60mm commando mortar. BTDM

A tender for the supply of 7500 60mm mortar round including high explosive, smoke and illumination tendered in September/October 2021 was awarded to IUC Resources Sdn Bhd. No contract price was listed in the Eperolehan notice. Malaysian Defence post on the mortar bombs tender.
The HDS 60mm mortar commando variant. HDS

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. ”Hirtenberger Defence Systems”. The same company which suppled the grenades we use.

    What I don’t get is why the need for more 60mm mortars given that a main role they’ve traditionally performed is to lay smoke and illum; both of which can be performed by the Milkors.

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