Caesar In Town

SHAH ALAM: Caesar in town. It appears that a single Nexter Caesar truck-mounted 155mm SPH is in town for mobility and firing trials. The truck mounted gun was seen travelling on a road near Kemaman earlier this week, with at least one picture posted on social media.

Nexter Caesar 155mm truck mounted SPH seen near Kemaman. Internet.

There are probably more pictures out there on social media, if you have them please share it with us. Anyhow I was informed that the Caesar was undergoing mobility and test trials. Mobility trials are likely to be conducted around the timber trails and Felda plantation roads around Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang and Perak as what happened before in 1995.

Nexter Caesar during its mobility trials demonstration in Malaysia back in 1995.

This time around it is likely that the firing trials took place at the range at Kem Sirajuddin in Gemas which also encompassed the Asahan range where the Caesar conducted the same trials in 1995.

The Nexter Systems Caesar 155mm/52 SPH displayed at DSA 2016.

With LIMA 2019 just weeks away one has to wonder whether the Caesar will also be displayed at the Nexter stand at the exhibition like in 1995. The 1995 Caesar was the original version developed by French firm, Giat before the company was renamed as Nexter. The Caesar displayed DSA 2016 was a mock up version and so no trials was conducted.

EVA 155m truck mounted gun by Konstrucka Defense of Czech Republic.

Will this lead to an order of the Caesar? I have no idea but it is likely that an open tender will be called up if there is funding for the project. The Army is interested in buying truck mounted SPH I am told. Last year an Army team visited the Czech Republic to check out the Eva 155mm truck mounted gun developed by Konstrucka Defense.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. For me, if The army Choose the new Whealed 155mm CAESAR might be able to peform the Mobility. However. The truck should replaced with RMMV HX.

  2. It the grand scheme of things, with the incoming M109s, is a 155mm wheeled SPH an urgent requirement?

    Yes in context with our G5 howitzer guns

  3. Good to heard that currently M109 being upgrade and will arrive soon.Hope next this Caesar will suplement the M109 in the future.

    It is likely that if they buy a truck mounted SPH it will be based in Sabah and Sarawak. Not saying they will be buying in large numbers but likely enough for a battalion with at least one battery in Sabah

  4. Is this the 6×6 variant or the 8×8 variant?

    1st pic was quite amusing, you won’t find our current big guns queuing up at a traffic light. Lol. I can imagine the driver for the car in front having a shadow of the big gun looming over him.

    But even if TDM requires for mobile 155mm SPH, do we really need 2 systems (tracked and wheeled)? Why not just buy more M109s via EDA? I’m sure Trump would be more than happy to sell us.

    It’s the 6X6 variant which is smaller can fit into the Hercules. The 8X8 can only fit the A400M.
    It depends on the terrain that’s why they are looking at both

  5. @Safran
    I would prefer the truck is based on Volvo or Scania. Both brands have huge civilian presence here and it makes sense to tap into their excellent servicing network for maintenance. MAN do have some presence here but its reach and ease of servicing is much lesser compared to the 2 I mentioned. BTW the recent breakdown recovery towtrucks TDM had received were Volvos.

  6. My question is why try when you cannot buy?
    Maybe it’s serious this time.

  7. We already have both tracked and wheeled mortar carrier so 105mm sph is redundant

  8. @ tomtom

    Sometimes like at a car showroom, it is the seller that offers for the test drive…

    @ joe

    Our army is currently using MAN 5ton trucks, as to pertahanan awam and bomba×773.jpg

    It is not simple as that when it comes to weapons. The Army has to say officially that it wants to conduct in country trials before the French government would allow the Caesar to be brought in. In 2016 they did not do so they have to make do with a mock up.

  9. Why not more M109 instead the expensive French made 155. At UDD15 mil for 29 piece.. We should get at least another 100 A109 A5 as 1 to 1 replacement for the oto melara

    It must be noted that the cost of the M109 is as it is. We need to spend some more likely the same amount to get it working again, probably double or triple that to get the very best out of it. The Caesar is brand new and ready to play once delivered

  10. @Dundun
    For 105mm, I prefer heli portable arties if we’re looking at quick strike capabilities, and since the incoming LG1 are heli-portables, a land vehicle borne one is unnecessary.

    Yes, our Government aren’t stickler to any particular brand which is why there are MANs in their fleet but as I said, compared to the more numerous Isuzu-HICOMs, Scanias and Volvos, MAN trucks are less in use. FYI, nearly all Bomba heavy trucks consist of Scania & Mercedes Actros. Civil Defence, iinm are mainly Isuzus.

    Pertahanan Awam is also moving to MAN trucks

  11. @ kamal

    M109 and Caesars are huge. They can barely maneuver through small kampung and kebun roads. Another disadvantage of Caesar, it can only be shot towards the front of the vehicle. If it is stuck in a position it cannot turn, then it cannot be used.

    Off topic…

    Just a comment of PM statement that China in thousands of years have not invaded and colonised us, unlike europeans. Just to remind him that Japan also in thousands of years did not invade and colonise us, but changed its mind and did so in 1941. I believe that he should not forget about that as he was around when japan invaded us

    His recent statements on US vs China also does not bode well for future defence spending even with the DWP

  12. “Our army is currently using MAN 5ton trucks, as to pertahanan awam and bomba”

    Are the Man trucks used for any particular applications? I’ve never seen them, but the Hicom Handalan trucks are everywhere.

    “The Caesar is brand new and ready to play once delivered”

    Trials can only determine if the gun itself can physically move and fire in local conditions. The real work lies in changing our CONOPS and organisation to fully utilize the range and mobility of our new guns.

    It’s in response to the big floods in late 2014 early 2015 where the 3 tonnes Handalan trucks were not able to cross flooded stretches but a few 5 tonne MAN of the Kor Jurutera could. Since then however the floods have been smaller though an unknown number of the 5 tonne MAN have been bought for the Army Angkut units and Pertahanan Awam regulars as well. Another reason the Army bought the MAN was due to unspecified complaints supposedly from Japan about arming the Handalan trucks with machine guns, mostly during Ops Daulat.

  13. Marhalim “It’s in response to the big floods in late 2014 early 2015 where the 3 tonnes Handalan trucks were not able to cross flooded stretches but a few 5 tonne MAN of the Kor Jurutera could”

    These appear to be the same 5 tonne MAN trucks that Singapore uses. No wonder they started switching over from the then-standard 3 tonne Mercedes trucks around the year 2000.

    “Another reason the Army bought the MAN was due to unspecified complaints supposedly from Japan about arming the Handalan trucks with machine guns, mostly during Ops Daulat.”

    I believe this is just the Handalan OEM’s usual attitude of blaming others when their products are not good enough. Not doubting you heard that but no wonder your sources could not cite a specific and unambiguous complaint. Who would stretch common sense to object on behalf of a bunch of gunmen that no one cares about, fully aware of the ridicule that would follow? Even assuming the licensor is going out of their way to screw us over, does that mean they prefer us to terminate the licence agreement and screw their profits? In the first place, not a peep was heard when we armed the Hino trucks.

    Look, it’s a decent truck. But it belongs in the civilian world or on admin duties.

    It came from the Army itself, the manufacturer thinks its just an excuse not to buy more of their trucks

  14. by the way, do the army ok with the G5 we have? do they plan to replace it or add more? for better logistic support, we should get T-5-52 but i notice it quite heavy if compare others SPH

    They’re ok with them but had hoped for more actually.

  15. What electronic FDC equipment and networks (if any) do we use for our infantry mortar and artillery batteries?

  16. For M109 I was thinking more of its psychological effect rather than its practical use though. For the semi urban folk and rural folks having a large number of tank like SPH and consider very cheap (about 4x cheaper than gempita even after cost of full refurbishment) would have a good boost to their mind not with standing it may create little aww effect on opposing forces. A 100 of M109 I believe would give that effect at half the price of 48 pt91 and most malaysian folks would think it as a tank anyway

    As it is.. At usd500k per piece and say usd1. 5 mill after upgrades still far cheaper than other known SPH which started at Euro 3 mil a piece

  17. Well most trucks that were used by asean militsry are uprated civilian version of an otherwise civilian truck, either from hino or dongfeng or FAW or whatever. So far only Philippines use actual military trucks like m35 or its korean clone (because they got it by the boatload from uncle sam).

    I don’t really have much problem with using civilian-derived trucks. Spare parts are everywhere and cheap and these are used more as a cargo hauler in the rear line anyway

  18. @ kamal

    Psychological effect should be for the enemy, not the kampung folks. And frankly it does not matter to the enemy as they know that it is.

    M109s could follow where the Pt-91m or adnan go, but will need to be on low loaders anywhere else.

  19. Saw a post at Tempur Magazine FB about Army “Eksesais Satria Perkasa 2019.” If i not wrong, one of the photo show LG1 in action. Maybe some of u can confirm it.

    No idea about that as I only checked the official MAF Facebook pages. There are too many FB pages to keep track off, TBH

  20. @Kamal
    “4x cheaper than gempita”

    That’s a commentary about how balls-out insane the Gempita price is, not how cheap the SPH is.

    “good boost to their mind”

    Seems as if that’s the only use of ATM sometimes. Well if you want to do just that you don’t have to buy that expensive, can just do this:×536.jpg

    Then cheer and clap every Aug 31 screaming Malaysia Boleh!

  21. @….”Just a comment of PM statement that China in thousands of years have not invaded and colonised us”

    If we were to take his words at face value, let’s take a look at our history of colonisers. Other than Japan & European powers, it was Siam (Thailand) that had conquered our northern parts. Ergo as long we keep a close eye on the northern border and arm ourselves to counter their military (with their huge numbers of tanks), we should be safe from invasion. I trust in my PM.

  22. @ joe

    We should also remember if not for the british, most of us would be speaking thai now.

  23. At this juncture.. I am more of we have something that we can afford to buy and operate rather not having at all. If we can’t afford brand new and high quality, make do with 2nd hand, acceptable quality and quantity. I believe we should have everything that other countries have but at a pace and price affordable to our wallet. So if we need 100 tanks, go get them. If we need attack heli.. Go get them too.. Just based on what we have in terms of budget.. Just like Brazil back in the 90s and early 2000.tgey have aircraft carriers, jets and tanks in good quantity albeit not the most advance nor brand new

  24. @joe
    Indeed, I also have previously emphasised the Thai armour buildup*.

    BTW do not forget too our other neighbour on Borneo.

    Although currently maritime issues are the main concern, these are key areas for our land forces to consider.

    *Offtopic – did you guys hear that SG have officially acquired more Leos?

  25. I wonder why the ATM is not interested in a light weight 155 mm like the M 777 or AH 4

    Probably they are but its difficult to get Army people to talk about it. I know that BAE Systems was trying to promote the M777 but it was difficult to sell them without local agents. It is likely that the local Norinco agent would have better luck

  26. @….
    Sawadeekaap…. kung krappp 🙂

    So with their military keeping tight grips on the country, who knows if their tanks might suddenly stream across our border like the North Koreans racing past the 38th parallel? Our border troops will need more ATGMs and RPGs to repel their vastly numerical tanks.

  27. “I wonder why the ATM is not interested in a light weight 155 mm like the M 777 or AH 4”

    Pretty sure we prize the speed of on- and off-road mobility more than air mobility. In our context, I certainly would. 10th’s handful of LG1 guns is enough for me.

  28. @ joe

    Sawadee kap. Sabai dee mai kap?

    BTW what kind of weed are you smoking? By your logic, Thai tanks would also stream cross cambodia and Laos border as both of those countries was previously under Thailand too before being ceded to France.

    Our current primary security threat is not Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia.

  29. I am paranoid by nature but I am more worried by the military build up by Indonesia and Philipines by virtue both sort of have a confrantation with us in the 60’s and have land border claims for part of sarawak and whole of Sabah. If not for the Brits. Aussie and NZ grunts dont know what will happen now. Do we have to rely on SG, Aussie and Brits should we have another confrantation with them again? Why would any of these contries help us as by virtue Indonesia and Philipine will be the key market growth here instead of us.

  30. I’ve never heard any Thai government laying claim to the four northern states. If they had wanted them back, they would have made at least a peep after ceding them in 1909 or 1945.

    In all their history, Kedah and Perlis were only under direct Thai control for some decades, and Kelantan and Terengganu for only two years in WW2.

    joe “So with their military keeping tight grips on the country, who knows if their tanks might suddenly stream across our border like the North Koreans racing past the 38th parallel?”

    Is it your nature to make enemies where there were none? First it was trying to irritate Singapore, now this.

  31. @ AM

    Thai had tried to control the malay peninsula for ages. Before Melaka was even established, there was a Thai representative named Temagi controlling Singapore. Batu Pahat got its name from a well dug in stone by a siamese attacking party. Basically all of the malay peninsula up till the burmese borders (including the Tanah Seri area of Burma) was a land of the malays, its just that they are not a warring people like the siamese. If you can get hold of old british admiralty nautical charts of the 1800s, most of the islands of what is now thailand all have malay names. Even in the south china sea, Koh Samui was named as Pulo Cornam in chinese maps.

    But all of this has (and should have) little bearing in today’s political landscape, as is all chinese and the philippines historical claims on the south china sea and sabah.

  32. Probably this is the same caesar i saw last week at Sungai Petani (infront of IPD Kuala Muda to be exact). The caesar & it’s escort cars are towards the city center so my guess is that they are going to Kem Lapangan Terbang.

    I’m driving at that time so not able to take its photo…..

    So close to Langkawi already..

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