Ammo Quotations Closed

A soldier with 19th RMR with an Accuracy International AX308 sniper rifle during a training exercise in Gemas, in February 2023. 19th RMR

SHAH ALAM: Ammo quotation closed. On April 24, Malaysian Defence posted that the Defence Logistics Division of the Armed Forces issued a slew of quotation notices for the supply of small arms ammunition from live and blank 5.56 rounds; 9mm; 308; 338 and 12.7mm calibres as well as stun grenades for itself, training academy (ALK) and its Special Forces Division (BKOP).

These twenty-seven separate quotation notices were published on April 24 and closed on May 1 (six days ago). There were 17 notices for live 5.56mm M193 ball rounds – 16 for 204,000 rounds and one for 113,000 rounds.

Twenty-three or twenty-four companies bid for each of the 16 notices with prices ranging from the cheapest RM427,420 to the most expensive RM530,440. For the 113,000 rounds one, twenty-three bids were recorded with the lowest price coming at RM220,350 and highest at RM345,600.

It is interesting to note that the Western Fleet Command Depot awarded a contract to SME Ordnance of RM292,500 to supply 150,000 rounds of M193 5.56mm ball ammunition. The notice for this bid was issued in January, this year. The depot also awarded a RM450,000 contract to Nestari Resources Sdn Bhd to supply 150,000 rounds of SS109/M855 5.56mm ammunition. The notice for this tender was issued in February, this year. The depot also issued a RM109,5000 contract to Hunter Strike Arms Sdn Bhd to supply 50,000 9mm ball ammunition.

Meanwhile, for the Defence Logistics two notices to supply 9mm ball ammunition, 131,000 rounds each, 25 bids were received for each of them. The lowest price was RM260,690 and highest RMRM465,060 for one notice and the other the highest was RM497,800 and the lowest RM248,900.

Another notice for 60,000 rounds of 9mm ball ammunition, 22 bids were received, the lowest was RM114,380 and the highest RM216,720.

As for the notice for 4,000 rounds of 7.62/.308 match rounds, six bids were recorded with the highest at RM78,000 and lowest RM64,000. For the 1,500 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition, eight bids were received, the lowest at RM84,000 and RM262,500. Interestingly, three bids came in at exactly RM243,000.

For the notice for 1,500 stun grenades, nine bids were received with RM348,600 the lowest and RM504,000 the highest. Another notice for 1,050 stun grenades has nine bids as well with the highest at RM499,999.50 and lowest RM348,600.

— Malaysian Defence

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