Mini Drones For Op Benteng

SHAH ALAM: Mini drones for Op Benteng. The Army is looking to buy 84 mini unmanned aerial air vehicles (MUAV)for Op Benteng operations. The specifications are as follows:

The Drone shall have the following features: a. Portability. It shall be portable and easy to handle. b. Simplicity. It shall be simple to operate by user. c. Mobility. It shall be easily transportable. d.
Robustness. It shall be robust and able to withstand rough handling. e. Maintainability. It shall be easy to maintain. f. Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH). It shall be able to be used under tropical environment

Army soldiers training on a DJI mini drone. BTDM

Based on the above and the rest of the specifications listed in the RFB, it is clear that the Army is looking for COTS mini drones like the DJI Mavic or similar ones. The RFB opened on Sept. 10 closes on Sept. 20. Other Op Benteng stuff and others as well.
ATB 2 QRF team on patrol photographed by the drone team. JF Command.

Apart from the Army, the Defence Intelligence Staff Division (DISD) is also looking for 29 MUAVs also for Op Benteng. The drones once procured will likely be operated by the DISD personnel either attached to regular units or the Army’s 165th Military Intelligence Battalion. The RFB for the DISD also opened on Sept. 10 and closes on Sept. 20.
A police team operating a hand held anti drone jammer at LIMA19. PDRM

Another RFB which opened on Sept. 10 and closes 10 days later is the one for the anti-drone tactical jammer. The DISD is looking for five hand-held anti-drone jammer and its accessories including a training drone.
PDRM anti-drone team operating at Istana Negara recently. PDRM

It must be noted that although the mini drones already operational and being sought are COTS equipment it gives good training and exposure to Army soldiers for the time being before they got their hands MOTS-drones.
Turkish KARGU is a portable, rotary wing attack drone designed to provide tactical ISR and precision strike capabilies for ground troops. STM

— Malaysian Defence

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