PDRM Helicopter Flies In Singapore Airspace?

SHAH ALAM:A PDRM Leonardo AW-139 9M-PMD twin-engine helicopter briefly flew into Singapore airspace this morning, says a Singaporean aviation website, prompting the Republic Singapore Air Force (RSAF) to scramble two fully armed F-16 fighters.

PDRM in a press release this afternoon stated that it took notice of the reports on social media that one of its helicopters flew into Singapore airspace, this morning. It stated that the helicopter did fly “near” Singapore airspace as part of its official business. It said that during the flight and until the release was issued (8pm Malaysian time, Sept. 11, 2021), it had not been contacted by the Singapore aviation authorities that it had entered into the republic’s airspace.

From Alert 5.

Singapore scrambled two F-16 fighters armed with AIM-9 and AIM-120s this morning after 9 a.m. when a Royal Malaysia Police helicopter, 9M-PMD, flew over Pulau Tekong. Flight tracking data showed that the helicopter cross into Singapore airspace at 01:22 UTC.

One of the two RSAF F-16s which were scrambled this morning. Alert 5.

The pair of fighters were observed circling over Paya Lebar airbase at a height of approximately 5,000ft. They departed from Paya Lebar airspace and flew west around 02:07 UTC. The fighters were scrambled from Tengah air base.

A screenshot of the 9M-PMD route this morning. Alert 5

Pulau Tekong is home to the Singapore Army’s Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC), whereby males who are conscripted into National Service will undergo basic military training there.

PDRM AW1-39 9M-PMD as seen on Sept 15, 2020. PDRM

9M-PMD are one of the six AW-139 helicopters purchased by PDRM for its Air Wing unit. One of these helicopters had been written off following a crash in Tawau in early 2020.

The deputy director of the PDRM Public Order and Internal Security division arriving at PGA 9 battalion on Sept. 15. 2020 flying on board 9M-PMD. Note the VIP seats. PDRM

9M-PMD is fitted with VIP seats – for the benefit of the Home Minister, ministry and PDRM officials – though flight tracking data showed it had also been used for routine patrol over the Malacca Strait. Though it appears that the 9M-PMD was indeed flying a VIP when the incident occurred.

— Malaysian Defence

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