More Stuff Courtesy of Op Benteng

SHAH ALAM: More stuff courtesy of Op Benteng. Op Benteng, the integrated operations against illegal immigrants, transnational crimes and smuggling launched in June, last year, has been a boon to the armed forces and the other government agencies involved in it.

The Army for example has got scramblers, one tonners and other stuff for its operations. The navy has got radars as well as the Fast Combat Boats. The air force has also got a number of stuff together with the police which got one-tonne trucks as well.

The Kawasaki 250cc scramblers for the Army procured under Op Benteng.

Now it appears that the RMAF will also got Janes reference books as well for Op Benteng. The ePerolehan website today issued a quotation notice


A Go Auto employee demonstrating the ATV, which is likely an Adly Quad/4X4 700-T3, procured for Op Benteng. TD picture

According to the quotation notice, the air force needs three copies of JANE’S ALL THE WORLD AIRCRAFT IN SERVICE SOURCE BOOK , seven JANE’FIGHTING SHIP, two copies EOD CBRNE DEFENCE
EQUIPMENT and four copies of MINES EOD OPERATIONAL GUIDE. The quotation notice closes in seven days.

RMAF chief Gen. Ackbal Samad checks out the LRAD installed on an EC725 during an official visit to Kuantan airbase on Nov. 19. The LRAD was procured for Op Benteng. RMAF

Anyhow, an over-the-top and cringe worthy video by 10 Para Brigade has gone viral thanks to a Facebook post by Singapore Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam.

Pathfinders from 10th Para Brigade conducting a jump into the sea as part of their on-going exercise. Picture published by BTDM on August 13.

He did not say it directly but hinted heavily that it was meant for an external audience. The responses in the comment section proved that many understood what he was hinting. And to think that some had think highly of the minister before. I am not linking the post here, you can search for it yourself on Facebook.

— Malaysian Defence

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