Op Benteng FICs Delivered


SHAH ALAM: OP Benteng FICs delivered. The six Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) ordered from Gading Marine Sdn Bhd has been fully delivered to the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN). Defence Minister DS Ismail Sabri was on hand at the Lumut naval base for the official handover ceremony held on April 26. He said another 13 FICs, worth RM120 million, will be ordered this year. He did not say whether the contract has been given to Gading Marine or the contract will be open for competition.

Defence Minister DS Ismail Sabri saluting as the FICs sailed past the VIP stage. Mindef

The Gading Marine boats, according to Ismail were delivered to the RMN on April 19, was built under a RM80 million contract. It is unclear the contract worth included the RWS which has yet to be installed on them. The FICs will be in service in the fast combat boat squadrons of the RMN.

Six FICs lined up at the handover ceremony

The original release.

LUMUT, 26 April 2021 — Kementerian Pertahanan bercadang untuk menambah 13 lagi bot pemintas Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) bernilai lebih RM120 juta untuk memperkasakan lagi pertahanan di kawasan sempadan khususnya di perairan negara.
Menteri Kanan Pertahanan, YB Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob berkata setakat ini, Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia (TLDM) telah menerima enam bot berkenaan yang bernilai keseluruhan RM80 juta pada 19 Mac yang lalu.
Menurut beliau, FIC melalui Projek Peralihan Operasi Benteng (Op Benteng) yang dibina Gading Marine Industry (M) Sdn Bhd (GMI) itu diletakkan dalam Skuadron Fast Combat Boat (FCB) berperanan sebagai elemen sokongan pertahanan maritim negara terutama kepada kapal TLDM dalam penugasan Op Benteng dalam meningkatkan keupayaan pengawasan dan pintasan di perairan cetek dan berpulau.
Beliau berkata demikian ketika sidang media selepas menyaksikan Demonstrasi Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) sempena lawatan kerja beliau ke Pangkalan TLDM Lumut, Perak, hari ini.
Terlebih dahulu, YB Menteri juga telah merasmikan Kiosk BHP yang terletak di dalam Kem Armada Mutiara, Pangkalan TLDM Lumut. Kiosk ini merupakan yang perfama disediakan oleh BHPETROL di dalam kawasan kem yang akan memberi kemudahan kepada lebih daripada 15,000 anggota TLDM serta keluarga di pangkalan ini.
YB Menteri turut meluangkan masa beramah mesra serta berbuka puasa bersama warga TLDM Lumut.

The six FICs sailed up to the VIP stage. Note that none of them are fitted with the RWS/ TLDM

Meanwhile, Ismail also told the media that the working paper on the LCS will be tabled with the Cabinet either this week or the next meeting. The Cabinet will decide on the matter, whether to continue with Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) with new directions as the main contractor or cancel the project and appoint a new main contractor.

For the moment, the ministry preferred the BNS option as it will be able to solve the current crisis and also protect the workers livelihood.
A side view of the FIC. RMN

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Looks like there’s an EO turret on the mast .

    The last pic is it a work in progress jetty or an extension for helipad,there’s a Fennec at the background.

    Yes thats the Pulau Jarak new jetty and other facilities

  2. If the hull is made of steel or aluminium it should be worth the millions that is mentioned.only problem too small for future upgrades of weaponry provision of UAV etc…etc…

  3. RedSot – “problem too small for future upgrades of weaponry provision of UAV etc…etc…”

    It’s not intended to be upgraded with anything larger/heavier than than what the hull/propulsion can take. Aa for a UAS; technically a hand launched one can be operated if there’s a need. Weaponry isn’t an issue; it’s not as if we’re going to mount something which can’t fit on a OWS.

  4. Im still figuring out why ” they” never want to built an FIC/FAC with dual purpose..? Are we so shallow in our thinking..?
    Make the boat big enough so it can chase pirates away when the time arises…..and during lull period like just patrolling it can launch UAV for birds eye view for situational awareness…
    Why waste resources for 1 single purpose only….?

  5. Has anyone seen a quad hellfire pad mount on any FAC….? Some of us are just land warriors….hand held UAV..? The strong sea breeze will take it away….come on we can think better than this….you are not in the field for so long…

  6. @RedSot

    It’s meant for a combat boat squadron, which calls for speed and maneuverability over endurance. Smaller drones can still be carried, I don’t see what’s the issue really.

    As the Navy is shifting away from peacetime patrol (that role goes to the MMEA) it doesn’t make sense to get more patrol vessels and focuses more on combat related assets (ie warships)

  7. ASM – “It’s meant for a combat boat squadron”

    No. It’s meant to perform various tasks in a specific environment under specific operational conditions.

    ASM – “don’t see what’s the issue really”

    They can if there’s a need.

    There’s been a lot of misconceptions about the FICs – intended to augment/replace the CB-90s which are multi purpose boats. The various roles which they perform include coastal patrol, supporting PASKAL, ship transfers, based in the Spratlys (low draught is an asset and at the smaller reefs are the only mode of transport).

    As for the speed; at 50 knots it’s about as fast as it can get. Kumpits belonging to kidnappers/smugglers/bandits don’t move at such speed.

  8. @Azlan

    “No. It’s meant to perform various tasks in a specific environment under specific operational conditions.”

    It was mentioned in another post as well as in the post itself that these boats will be serving in the combat boat squadron.

  9. ASM – ”combat boat squadron”

    Granted; to clarify what I meant; the squadron’t official title notwithstanding; the FICs – like the CB-90’s – will perform a variety of roles; some mundane; which doesn’t reflect the squadron’s official designation.

    As for a UAS; any UAS – whether a hand launched one or a large one – will be affected by wind conditions.

  10. Combat boat sqn….a glorified speed boat made of fibre…can it even withstand 5.56 mm trajectory?
    If SOC 6 of the U.S navy then it can be termed combat sqn……it brown water…green water n even blue water boat….its worth every ringgit spent….

  11. RedSot – “Combat boat sqn….a glorified speed boat made of fibre…can it even withstand 5.56 mm trajectory”

    – Most boats in this category are made of reinforced fibre glass hulls ….

    – No of course it can’t. A 5.56mm will even parts of a frigate ……
    The trick is to have ballistic panels on various points of the boat..

    – The designation aside; the FICs will be performing various roles which the CB-90s have been for decades. The specs as issued in the tender is based on operational experience.

  12. Yes its no secret,all the CB90 will be replaced by FIC,
    No of course it can’t. A 5.56mm will even parts of a frigate ……
    5.56mm pierce thru a still hull of a frigate..? That i need to see.. recochet yes….but never penetrate thru unless the frigate is made of tin can just like proton….
    So there will be another batch for another specific duties i assume..?
    So its not so smart procurement then
    …waste of resources.

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