Keel Laying Ceremony for 1st LCS, Part 2

SHAH ALAM: AS I was unable to go to Lumut today for the keel laying ceremony for the first LCS, posted below is the story by Bernama. Nothing surprising and nothing more revealing than my earlier story. I guess we have wait for another day for the answers.

RMN To Receive First Littoral Combat Ships In 2019 – Hishammuddin

LUMUT, March 8 (Bernama) — The efficiency of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) will be further increased when it received the first batch of its Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) in 2019, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein said.

He said with the presence of the locally made combat ships, which is also the biggest in Malaysia, the RMN would increase the combat capability of its combatant ships to 10 from four previously.

“With the twofold increase in its capability, of course more operations can be carried out quickly and more effectively, and hence improve the efficiency of our team.

The first LCS. Bernama picture
The first LCS. Bernama picture

“The LCS have the capability to be fully operational for offshore and deep sea patrol for a period of 21 days without having to resupply,” he said at the LCS1 keel Laying ceremony at the RMN base here today.

LCS are built, integrated and tested at the Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) here.

Another angle of the LCS, most likely from the bow end. H20 picture
Another angle of the LCS, most likely from the bow end. H20 picture

Hishammuddin said the full construction of the combat ships at the BNS premises had also restored public confidence in the skills and capabilities of local companies.

He said the LCS would be stationed at several vital areas, including in the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom) areas.

The defence minister also gave assurance that the government would not compromise in the aspects of national security and defence despite the global economic uncertainty.

A CGI of the LCS.
A CGI of the LCS.

In another development, Hishammuddin said two apartment blocks for military personnel and their families at the RMN base here would be upgraded involving an allocation of RM22.5 million.

“The upgrading work is expected to begin in May and completed by year’s end,” he said, adding that the government would also build 300 houses at Bandar Baru Segari here, which will only be sold to members of Armed Forces Veterans Association at a price of RM100,000 each.


— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Malaysia should start investing in mid range air defense, aerial reconnaissance like the p 3 and also start replacing the nuri helicopters

  2. Tahniah to the Boustead shipyard for the keel kaying ceremony for the first LCS. We wish you the best guys! It’s going to be tough to meet the delivery date as the modern project management system and managers are trained to be optimistic rather than realistic. So try your best. God speed.

  3. The Star 9/3/16

    “The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is set to consolidate all its naval units from 15 classes to five in an effort to strengthen the country’s maritime security.

    Navy chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Kamaru­l­zaman Ahmad Badaruddin said this is part of the RMN’s transformation programme to stren­g­then its armada and also to be cost effective.

    The five classes are New Generation Patrol Vessels (NGPV), Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), submarines, Littoral Mission Ships (LMS) and Multi Support Ships”

    —-nice move…..

  4. Marhalim,
    We can only ‘assume’ that this new frigate is ‘better’ than our neighbour’s Formidable class frigate.

    Better is a a subjective word. Anyhow I prefer to assume that the LCS will be commissioned on time and under budget and fulfilled all the RMN requirements instead of trying to make comparisons.

  5. With the consolidation plan does it mean tldm will sell off/retire the lekiu and kasturi class ships when all of the gowinds are in service?

    As for the littoral mission ships. Would like to know more about the requirements. Would it be something like a multi purpose fast attack corvette?

    As for the multi support ships, I would prefer them to be a few separate classes; with lpd, mpcss, replenishment/auxiliary patrol (similar concept to bm5).

    I have not gotten the definitive meaning but I think all of the frigates including Lekiu/Kasturi class will be classified as LCS as well so no we are not selling them. As for the littoral mission ships I think it will include all PCs, corvettes, FACs and the minesweepers.

  6. it will be another 8 years in total before we get the full compliment of the SGPV/LCS. In the mean time would have to rely on the 2 Lekius, 2 kasturis, 2 Subs and 6 OPV for RMN operational requirement. May be RMN should relook at the possibility of arming the OPVs with the proposed 2 SSMs and SEA RAM (if there is allocation for it off course) while waiting for the armed LCSs.

  7. Kamal,
    In fact we could have build more Kedah class ( say 20 ) and arm them as should be. The position behind the 76 looks soooo empty. Plus a 35 millenium on the hanger would be nice too.

    But as it is now that would not be the case.

    in an interview with Janes last year, RMN chief said he would like to have another 12 improved Kedah class in the future. He, however, did not say that whether or not the project has been funded. It is likely that it is a wish list.

  8. Another batch of meko100 is doable. Combining another batch for tldm with exports to the middle east would give the volume needed.

    Without the additional cost of tot, and substitution of some of the expensive western equipment with MOTS/COTS equipment from korea, china or turkey. I think a unit cost of below usd150millon per ship is achievable.

    Possible fitout
    76mm Hyundai-wia gun
    Korean/turkey CMS and radar
    Chinese C-803 ASM
    Chinese FL-3000 Sam

    Those littoral mission ships, we could base them on the hull design of the laksamana (could always reverse engineer them) with a more modern superstructure.

  9. If you up arm the Kedah class, you will be neither here nor there.

    Too well armed for policing duties and still too under equipped for battle.

  10. Upgraded Kedah will be a good addition. It works for both low intensity and high intensity conflict.

    Upgraded radar, both sonar and towed sonar, SAM, SSM, ESM, CIWS and torpedos.

    The ship has better range than sgpv. From wiki though.


    – oto melara 76mm gun
    – oerlikon millennium 35mm CIWS
    – smart-s mk 2 radar
    – vigile ESM
    – SeaRAM CIWS missile
    – 4 kda nsm
    – 2x 3 tubes torpedos
    – kingklips sonar
    – captas 1 towed sonar

    Almost reaching the same capabilities of new sgpv minus the anti-aircraft missile if sgpv uses 20+ km ranged missile.

    Just my sekupang.

  11. You don’t buy new meko100 to match the gowind capability.

    It is a patrol corvette. Not a full blown frigate. Putting gucci stuff onboard would only increase its cost. It should be something similar in concept to the Chinese type 56 corvette is.

    Armed with a gun, cheap ASM and Sam, and if asw capability is needed, install the aselsan anti submarine rockets as a low cost solution + asw helicopters with dipping sonar.

  12. Well armed Kedah class patroling the spratly is better, even when we are not looking for battle

  13. Well if money is really an issue, then should limit the potential upgrade of kedah just to arming it with the exocet. For point air defence, if we still got spare Anza Manpad, maybe a dozen for each ship?

  14. Kita ada istilah tersendiri untuk ‘keel’ iaitu lunas,

    Projek Kapal Tempur Pesisir ini adalah penyambung tradisi penguasaan ilmu kelautan
    dan membina kapal untuk laut lepas yang telah lama wujud
    di negara ini sejak zaman lampau.

    Pelancarannya amat dinantikan, seiring dengan pengumuman
    rasmi nama kelasnya.

  15. What is the condition of our minesweeper tehere any plan for a new ship from rmn.tq.

    They looked wonderful the last time I saw them up close in January 2014. Recent pictures also saw them in good condition. I guess the navy is careful with them as they are GRP built. See the next post.

  16. We will not be “neither here nor there” if we arm the Kedah class with missiles for point defence and for anti surface warfare. There are certain roles which do not call for a Lekiu or a LCS; roles that can be performed more practically by a Kedah.

    Why do people still suggest we sell the Nuris? Silly given their airframes still have lots of hours left and that all is needed is an upgrade.

  17. …,
    As AM said, Kedah, doesn’t fit anywhere.It is not “a patrol corvette.” It is a patrol corvette on steroid, too much of a ship. We paid 300 mil for a role that a sub 1k tonne boat can do just fine. Which is why you ask any officer that comes into office recently will not say anything about arming.

    Kedah is a write off. Dreaming above how potential is the LCS is more existing.

  18. H,

    I said no such thing. We have long borders and a large EEZ, The endurance of the ship is useful, as are the radar and sensors.

  19. @ azlan

    Who talks about selling nuris anyway? This is abot the navy…

    @ H

    The kedah’s are expensive and under armed because of the PSC fisaco, not due to its design. If it is up to me, I would have gotten the Chinese p18 opv design for the ngpv tasks but the meko100 design is already ours and we got 6 ships to that design. Those current kedah’s need to be armed or it will always be mocked as an uber expensive gunboat. I believe with due diligence, the next batch of armed, updated meko100 ships could be built for 1/2 of the price of the current kedah ngpv’s. IMO if it can’t be done for 1/2 of the old cost there should be no reason for us to build a new batch of meko100’s.

  20. Marhalim,
    I am in agreement with you on this. Just like local manufacturing an improved Steyr AUG is technically possible, it is practically a dead end. We should concentrate our focus and energies on the Gowind design. A lower tonnage and lower specced Gowind like what Egypt is getting is perfectly capable of doing whatever an improved Meko can.

  21. AM,
    you are only quoted for the first sentence.
    As for the sensors and endurance, why do we need 3D radar and duo TMX FCS anyways? Because intruding gun boats and pirates has such a powerful EW suite?

    Being mocked is a face problem. Invest in loss is stupidity. No way MEKO will be half priced. It is built to withstand battle damage, which begs the question why would any commander send a pv into such situation anyways.

  22. @ H

    Letting expensive investment not able to perform at its 100% capability is also wasteful.

    Why let the kedah be just a “pv” all its life? It is time for the kedah to be a fighting corvette able to fulfil 100% of its designed capability.

  23. “As for the sensors and endurance, why do we need 3D radar and duo TMX FCS anyways? Because intruding gun boats and pirates has such a powerful EW suite?

    To detect air and surface contacts within the OPV’s area of operations, perhaps?

    Even as an OPV, why would we send the ship out there if it cannot detect anything beyond visual range or at night?

  24. ….. – ”Who talks about selling nuris anyway? This is abot the navy…”

    Look at the first comment …..

  25. To some extent, it is possible to make up for our anti-surface capability with air units armed with anti-ship missiles.

    Combat type air units have certain advantages (multiple roles, tactical flexibility, shorter response time, air cover for the fleet) but can never replace surface forces, especially in peace time operations such as territorial policing.

  26. Azlan – Look the first comment….

    That guy and the others haven’t read a lot of articles… AIROD had been upgrading it recently

    As for upgrading Mekos, what’s the requirement and estimation of upgrading it?

  27. AM – ”Even as an OPV, why would we send the ship out there if it cannot detect anything beyond visual range or at night?”

    Very true; given that the class was intended to be a vast improvement in capabilities over the Vosper PCs; with better seakeeping, better range, sensors and endurance.

    I’ll be the first to admit that the whole programme was a major, major cockup : massive cost overruns, delays and the RMN and taxpayer getting buggered by not getting what they paid for and those responsible were not held accountable but from the very onset, the class was always expected to perform low threat, constabulary type roles. People may call it a combatant with steroids but it is what it is. Yes the class should be armed with missiles for self-defence or a limited combat capability but it’s really up to the RMN to decide how big a priority it is.

  28. AM – ”To some extent, it is possible to make up for our anti-surface capability with air units armed with anti-ship missiles. ”

    The ability of aircraft to successfully detect targets will be dependent also on other assets like MPAs, shore based radar, etc. We all know about Sheffield being hit by a Super Etendard but not many remember that it was first detected by a Argentine Neptune. As shown in WW2 and the Iraqi/Iran war the main problem is not so much hitting the target but in finding it. In an ideal world the RMN would have MPAs which would train regularly with 11 and 18 Squadron but there’s also the question of how well the RMN can operate ”jointly” with the RMAF.

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