Out Of The Blue

SHAH ALAM: Out of the blue. KD Ganyang – pennant number 3504 – has been fitted with a electro-optical turret to replace its obsolete Thomson CSF fire control system. It is unclear when the ship was installed with the EO system though it is likely from June, 2019 onwards as she was last photographed without one that month. The photographs were publicly uploaded on her own Twitter account.

The latest posting of Ganyang was posted on Christmas eve wishing every one a great celebrations with a the port profile of the ship, clearly showing the EO turret. I scrolled back to earlier postings and I believed the latest picture is the most clearest one enabling it to be identified as an EO turret.

KD Ganyang Merry Christmas graphic. KD Ganyang

I believed the EO is the Gem Electronica EOFCS115A that were barter traded for the MBDA Otomat SSM that used to arm the Laksamana class corvettes.

GEM Elettronica EOFCS115A, the EOD FCS for the Laksamana class ships signed at DSA 2016

I had reported previously that the these EOFCS were supposed to be installed on the Laksamana and Kedah class ships but it appears that at least one of them was installed on the Ganyang instead. Of course I stand to be corrected as I basing this on the pictures by Ganyang itself.

KD Ganyang photograph in June, 2019. Note the lack of FCR or EO on top of her bridge

As the barter trade for the Otomats were supposed to get RMN with eight EOs from Gem Electronicca, among other things, at least another seven is available for employment on the FACs as they undergo life extension to serve for another 15 years.

KD Ganyang shortly after her refit in 2017. Note the Thomson CSF FCR on top of her bridge. KD Ganyang.

Perhaps it will be fitted on KD Perkasa which is getting a completely new hull under the RMN’s Obsolescence Programme. RMN may well save money for the OP as it could used the already paid Gem Electronicca EO system for eight out of 14 FAC fleet. As for what to be installed on the Kedah and Laksamana classes is beyond me at the moment.

KD Ganyang photographed at Langkawi though marked LIMA 19 it is likely it is an earlier picture possibly in 2015 or even 2013. Note her FCR on top of the bridge. LIMA 19.

This is something that I will be chasing in the new year, which is hopefully will be a better one than this year. It must be noted another combatant was also pictured without her FCR earlier this year. When she is fitted with a replacement I will write about it, I am wary I will be accused of breaching OPSEC if I do it now.

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