Malaysian Army

Guardians in Lebanon

SHAH ALAM: Guardians in Lebanon. The Malaysian contingent in Lebanon – Malbat 850-5 – has finally taken delivery of the nine IAG Guardian 4X4 APC ordered last year. The APCs were delivered to the Malbat […]

Malaysia -Armed Forces

Change of Commands

SHAH ALAM: Change of commands. Two ceremonies were held to mark the handing over of two important posts – albiet lower down the totem pole – in the Armed Forces today. These ceremonies involved the […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Plan B, Part 1

SHAH ALAM: Plan B, Part 1. As you are aware the new administration seemed to be swamped with many things that they said were done by the previous administration. I dont have time to go […]

Malaysian Army

Deja Vu

SHAH ALAM: Deja Vu. For the last several years we knew that the Army was planning to set up the fifth division in Sabah as part of the reorganisation which led to the formation of […]

Malaysian Defence

Mat Sabu and Muhya

SHAH ALAM: Kota Raja MP and Amanah President Mohamad Sabu or Mat Sabu, 64, has been named as the Defence Minister by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today. Dr Mahathir also named Pagoh MP […]

Malaysian Defence

Episode IV

SHAH ALAM: Episode IV. After an extraordinary 36 hours, it appears that we will have a new minister at Jalan Padang Tembak, someone completely from the left field. The field of candidates are so wide […]

Malaysian Army


KUALA LUMPUR: Bushwhacked. Apart from the Kongsberg NSM, Malaysia has also acquired another weapon from Norway, the NAMMO M72 LAW. This was confirmed by the MTO contract for the M72s last year. Both companies were […]