Minister Mat Sabu at Jalan Padang Tembak

Mat Sabu inspecting the honour guard at Kementerian Pertahanan after his appointment as Defence Minister on May 22, 2018.

SHAH ALAM: Kota Raja MP Mohamad Sabu better known as Mat Sabu came to the Defence Ministry at Jalan Padang Tembak, Kuala Lumpur for his first official day as the Defence Minister. He was given a traditional welcome for a new minister, an honour guard from the 1st Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment.

He however committed a blunder when inspecting the honour guard as he failed to stop and salute the battalion colours. I did not want to make anything about it but since he himself had seen fit to publicly acknowledged the mistake and duly apologised I guess that it is fair game .

Mat Sabu inspecting the honour guard.

Anyhow, at a short press conference after clocking for the first time, Mat Sabu was quoted as saying that the Defence Ministry will conduct its own internal investigations and audits over allegations on defence spending by the previous administration.

Mohamad said he has to obtain more information first from all branches of the armed forces before making a decision on the issues, including that of Malaysia’s purchase of Scorpene submarines.

“We will investigate. If it is hearsay, it can affect the image of a person or department.

“If we cannot resolve these issues via thorough internal investigations or external audits, we will bring it to Cabinet,” he told a press conference at the Defence Ministry.

On the establishment of the King Salman Centre for International Peace in Malaysia, Mohamad said the matter will be discussed with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad before any decision is made.

Mat Sabu signing a document with Armed Forces chief Gen Raja Affandi Raja Mohamed and the ministry Secretary General DS Abdul Rahim Radzi looking on.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Let’s Give it a Try To Mat Sabu At Ones.. if he’s 100% on time to Buy more Guns and Jets..

    I think he is Very Sharp on Defence.

  2. What i want to know is that what does all this mean to ATM current and planned procurement status. The new govt has been very quiet rearding this matter. Their defence policy in the manifesto is murky at best.

    They cannot say much as they don’t have access to the ATM, they cannot even campaign during elections let alone talk to its leadership. As for now they have to speak with the services and find out what’s the plan and priorities. Then they have to look at the finances whether they have the funds or not . And then they have to see whether if it fits with their government priority and only after that they can come up with the answer. It will not be quick, I am guessing we will see an inkling of the new government thinking on defence when they announced the 2019 budget but even then it will be only a small insight to the new government priorities

  3. Okey la, first one hundred days give chance.

    No more blunders after this hopefully, as defence is not like pentas ceramah politik where you can throw away any microphone for some special dramas.

  4. Why do pipul expect the defence minister to be some kind of military genius? That is totally not his job scope.

  5. Agree with all above. YB Mat Sabu has work cut out for him. I daresay revisiting the Scorpene saga after 10 years is superfluous at best. The subs have done a magnificent job though its purchase was debatable. It’s better if he sees the LMS/LCS projects are serving our needs in its current form. Hope he sees the need for MPAs though I’m in favour of more rather than less aircraft. Why can’t TUDM/ MMEA relook at buying smaller planes like the Diamond series? Even Sarawak Forestry is looking into the aircraft.

    Long endurance surveillance flights calls for a bigger aircraft

  6. Tun already mentioned. He think a MALE UAV would do the job nicely. Do do expect purchases in that direction

  7. Great starting agendas and priorities in his new job as Defense Minister. Love his announcement to reconsider that Orwellianly named, Saudi-funded center for international “peace”, center for international terrorism would be more appropriate given the Saudi “glorious” track records. That’s a big first step in the right direction. Secondly, even though the subs have been in service for a long time, that should not be a hindrance to re-investigating the crimes involved in their purchase, given that no proper investigation has been conducted under the previous regime. There is no expiration date for justice, especially when a murder is involved. Congratulations and all the best to Mat Sabu in carrying out his duty to reform and bring transparency to the black hole called MoD.

  8. @kerberosWXIV
    I’d say that Saudi centre for peace is just that; a centre staffed by paper pushes. Saudis seemed to be tarred by the word ‘terrorism’. But I’d give the medal to Iran and Hezbollah, they’re very successful at exporting terror in the ME 😉

  9. Off topic. Looking for word on an open house for the air force anniversary, which is only a week away.

    So far none, any celebrations will be held after Ramadan

  10. @Mahalim
    Off-topic but perhaps you can put your thought on this. Last night’s news confirmed that the MH17 missile came from Russia’s 53 air defence brigade that was in Kursk. This might harden our resolve not to buy Russian until they admit & compensate (highly unlikely).

    I don’t think so there are many comments out there already

  11. Agree with Joe. With latest bit of Russian involvement in the news, forget Mother Russia and her weapons catalogue.

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