Episode IV

SHAH ALAM: Episode IV. After an extraordinary 36 hours, it appears that we will have a new minister at Jalan Padang Tembak, someone completely from the left field. The field of candidates are so wide currently that I will not even bother to pin point anyone. Lets hope the appointments will be made soon.

Apart from the political posts, the ministry will also have to get a new secretary general as the current one is just waiting for his/her successor to be appointed. Several other top civil servants at the ministry are also waiting for their successors as like the secretary general they also had reached their mandatory retirement age. The appointments of their successors have been on ice for the last few months as the ministry was waiting for the general elections to be over first. As on what the new government’s policy on defence and national security will be, my guess is as good as yours.

GGK troopers posed with SG 553s and M4 Carbines for the camera after the ceremony at Kem Iskandar on May 7. BTDM picture

Anyhow, it appears that the GGK has acquired a batch of Swiss Arms SG 553 assault rifles for its operators. The assault rifles were used by the GGK operators during the ground breaking ceremony for a training pool for combat swimmers at the Iskandar camp, Mersing on May 7. Specifically the rifle may well be the SG 553 LB, a short barrel version for Special Forces and fitted with a picattiny rail.

GGK troopers at the ground breaking ceremony on May 7, BTDM picture

Sultan Johor, the GGK Commandant-in-Chief performed the ground breaking ceremony at the camp where a group of combat swimmers complete with their scuba gear and armed with the SG 553 assault rifles performed a mock assault as part of the opening gambit. Another group of operators armed with the Colt M4 Carbines were also involved in the opening gambit.

GGK troopers at the ground breaking ceremony on May 7. BTDM picture

As I did not attend the ceremony I am unable to say when the GGK started using the SG 553 rifles which were previously only seen used by the Paskau and the MMEA STAR team. It must be noted that all of our Special Forces teams want the HK416 as their standard AR but circumstances beyond their control meant that they had to settle for the SG553s or the Colt versions.

JMF troopers during a graduation ceremony with their SG 553s. Johor Southern Tigers picture

Another user of the same ARs is the Johor Military Force. Even the Sultan’s bodyguards likely drawn from the JMF are also armed with the SG 553 as their primary weapon and Sig pistols as their handguns. If I get more information on the SG 553s in GGK service, I will definitely post an update.

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