New Ministers including Defence Tomorrow

The 7th Rangers soldiers at ready for the inspection in Feb. 2017. Note the RPG launchers on the ground with their packs and the machine guns.

KUALA LUMPUR: New Ministers tomorrow. Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will announced the list of ten ministers tomorrow including those for Defence and Home Affairs ministries.

The ten will be the initial Cabinet of the new Pakatan Harapan government led by Dr Mahathir. It is likely the announcement will precede the swearing in and oath taking ceremony though it has not been announced when it will be conducted.

8 RRD troopers inside a RMAF Hercules waiting for their jump in January 2018. Note the rucksack on the knees.

Again the number of candidates for defence and home affairs are so varied that I don’t want even to try to guess. Lets hope the swearing in ceremony also takes place tomorrow so those chosen as ministers could start working on Monday.
RMN ships berthed at the Lumut naval base in early 2014, KD Kasturi, KD Lekiu (hidden) and two Kedah class.

Meanwhile, my fellow defence journalist, Dzirhan Mahadzir has posted his thoughts on the Malaysian Armed Forces on his personal Facebook page. He did not pull his punches.

In the last two years, it has to be noted that a portion of the Malaysian Armed Forces officers corps has disappointedly directly and indirectly failed to keep the Malaysian Armed Forces clear of being apolitical and above being a tool used to promote the ruling political party, particularly in the run up to the elections. At the same time, the conduct of numerous MAF official and personal twitter accounts and their postings fell way below the standards to professionalism and too often smacked of sycophancy towards then Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak and then Defence Minister Dato Sri Hishammuddin Hussein.

Two RMAF F/A-18D flying over KD Tun Razak in 2017. RMAF.

Go here if you want to read the post.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Since PH, especially DAP are now part of the government, hopefully no more unnecessary objection and fake news about defence related matters after this.

  2. If Mat Sabu Gets To be Ministry Of Defence. Most of Fanboys are going mad after this.

    If he was selected, it will be how handled his job and not what people might think about him.

  3. wow…Dzirhan Mahadzir really gone nuke with that posting. mostly it is true. the MAF really made bad move but not entirely their fault. the political climate force them to go that route since opposition and govt not care about defense.
    i hope and pray the next menhan will be more toward educated the politician and citizen about MAF.

  4. Marhalim,

    That’s What i afraid of. Most of Military Fanboys might be Laugh about Sabu’s candidacy

    Most people have never met or hear him talk, even me. Even then I never believed crap surrounding him. He rose to prominence within PAS based on his own merits. Whatever one might think about him moving to Amanah he was made the president of the party.

  5. @ ZekMR
    Based on track record, I have no doubts they will still put blame on previous Government even after 10 years at the helm.

  6. YB Mat Sabu is an eloquent speaker. He’s a History graduate of UM. That said, let’s pray hard he’ll make all the right decisions for the Armed Forces. The boys need an able commander. Period.

    Its all back to the PM actually. I am not saying that Mat Sabu will be the minister but some people are saying it while others say it will Johari Abdul, the PKR MP for Sungai Petani, not to be confused Johari Abdul Ghani, the former Setiawangsa MP and former Second Finance Minister.

  7. Mat Sabu is a History graduate of UM. He should be quite well read on militaria.

  8. @ joe

    Fully agreed.

    Its a worst nightmare if they carry forward the opposition (bad version) kind of mentality like before

  9. Some of you have much patience for the abuses of the past, and little patience for those who have yet to fail you.

    I’m not telling you to have a little faith, just to let results speak for themselves.

  10. It’s kinda irony when this Sabu supporting and calling PKM as a true hero last time during his speech while now he “might be” a new defense minister for ATM.

  11. Mat Sabu as Menhan, confirmed just now by Tun M.

    And Lim guan eng from DAP as finance minister guys.

  12. @AM
    I would say the Armed Forces have much patience for the abuse & false accusations hurled by PH, and not to revolt when a particularly callous person is made their Menhan. Its only by the grace of God that Tian Chua (of Lahad Datu infamy) wasn’t eligible, otherwise….

    Tian Chuan would not have been considered for Jalan Padang Tembak, even if he had taken part in GE14. He is not a president of the parties.

  13. If he was made Menhan solely becoz of his party presidency, then God help us all. God help the ATM.

    As for Tian Chua, well, stranger things have happened and I wouldn’ t dismiss the thought if he was available.

  14. @ Dzirhan Mahadzir

    Never thought that I would see you commenting here. Yes many of my military and police friends voted for PH, and rather than talk about the past, lets talk about the future. Anything you would want to see happening for the armed forces, police and MMEA in the near future?

  15. Wow. Some people talking as if we have had the cleanest Defence Ministry ever and the previous administration(s) got the absolute best value for our defence money… no “fees” and “overheads” at all, no sir…

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