Leonardo at DSA 2022

Leonardo Falco Xplorer. Leonardo picture.

SHAH ALAM: Leonardo at DSA 2022. At DSA Leonardo’s main focus will be on maritime security requirements, promoting its solutions based on the latest technology such the ATR 72MP patrol aircraft, equipped with Leonardo’s ATOS surveillance mission system, which offers a user-friendly ‘mission tactical picture’ by fusing data collected by the aircraft’s suite of sensors, also with the Leonardo Seaspray AESA surveillance radar.

In the rotary-winged offer, Leonardo is pushing the world’s bestselling AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopter, which has been growing stronger in Australasia among military operators. New users in Australia and Malaysia have helped expand the already impressive presence of the type for a range of roles in the respective countries, confirming the whole region as one of the most important for the model comprising of around 30% of the entire world fleet.

RMN Leonardo AW139 MUH flying over Vergiate, Italy. RMN

Leonardo’s portfolio includes state-of-the-art UAS (Uncrewed Aerial Systems) and C-UAS (Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems), for civil and military applications. At DSA, the company is also focusing on Falco Xplorer UAS, which is ideally suited to border control and information gathering in a range of scenarios.
Leonardo ATR 72 MPA. Leonardo

Leonardo attends DSA 2022 strong of more than 30 years of presence in Malaysia, supporting the security of the country and with representative offices in Kuala Lumpur. Leonardo’s technologies in Malaysia include over 60 helicopters in service with the Malaysian Armed Forces, Fire & Rescue Department (Bomba), Royal Malaysia Police, Maritim Malaysia, commercial and private owners.
A model of the Leonardo RAT 31 D/L air surveillance radar.

For the Royal Malaysian Navy, the company has supplied naval guns such as the OTO 76/62 SR “super rapid”, light torpedoes and heavy “Black Shark” torpedoes. Supporting the monitoring of the whole of Malaysia’s airspace for both civil and defence applications, Leonardo has provided its RAT31DL for air defence and has delivered air traffic management solutions for Mersing, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur International Airports.
On The Way. The main cannon of a Kedah class ship, a Leonardo 76mm gun firing. RMN

— Malaysian Defence

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