Back in the Saddle Again

SHAH ALAM: Back in the saddle again. It appears that KD Tun Razak, the second Prime Minister-class submarine, has returned into service after its refit programme. The RMN published a video about the submarine on patrol, yesterday, on its YouTube channel yesterday.

In the 1.17 minute video, the submarine was shown diving into the sea. The crew was also shown from the control room all the way to the engine room. Those in the control room were wearing their flash gear while the other crew were shown with surgical masks on indicating that the RMN is taking precautionary measures against Covid-19 while underway. This is another indication that the video, inside the submarine, was only done recently.

A screenshot of the video.

We are out there. Whether above or under the surface. Always, says the video caption.

The bridge of KD Tun Razak as the submarine conduct operations during Ramadan in June, 2016, TLDM picture

I had been told previously that Tun Razak was undergoing sea trials since late last year and it appears that the publication of the video as a clear indication that the submarine is already in service. It must be noted that the RMN Subforce also published a corporate video on Youtube some two years ago about the same time that KD Tunku Abdul Rahman returned into service after undergoing the same refit programme.

From Malaysian Defence post.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, RMN’s first submarine is undergoing its first major refit. Based on the pictures taken by the RMN during the visit of its chief, Admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman Badaruddin, it is an extensive one though nothing official has been announced on the things to be replaced on the submarine.

KD Tun Razak preparing to leave Kota Kinabalu base for her 2016 maiden voyage from 5th to 12th January. RMN

As the Boustead DCNS facility at Sepanggar could only performed one refit at a time, it is likely that Tun Razak refit started in mid-2017, after she took part in LIMA 2017. So did the Boustead DCNS performed the refit programme on time? It stated before that the contract calls for each refit to be completed in 18-months time. I have no idea as the RMN had not announced the start and completion date of both refits.

Two RMAF F/A-18D flying over KD Tun Razak in 2017. RMAF.

Anyhow, the video also came out almost at the same time as news of China’s survey around Malaysia’s Economic Exclusive Zone in the South China Sea. Was this a cryptic message for those out there? Your guess is as good as mine.

— Malaysian Defence

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