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CMN HS125 Interceptor. CMN

SHAH ALAM: More on the FIC. Last week, French shipbuilder, CMN, delivered two out of 39 high speed interceptors build for the Royal Saudi Navy. CMN signed a 2017 contract with Saudi firm, Zamil Offshore Services, worth Euros 480 million (RM2.2 billion) for the supply of the HS132 interceptors for the RSN. CMN will build 21 of the boats in France while another 19 will be built in Saudi by Zamil.

What is this got to do with the FIC then ? Nothing apart from the fact that I like the design of the Saudi FIC which is supposed to do the same jobs as the ones we are looking for. It’s way too expensive for the RMN FIC anyway as the budget allocated for the 18 boats is only RM200 million or RM10 million per boat basically. The RSN boat is RM37 million each, its a much bigger boat anyhow.

CMN HS132 Interceptor of the Royal Saudi Navy. CMN

Actually, CMN’s smaller HS125 interceptor is better suited to the requirements of the FIC tender though I am not sure how much it will cost (depending on numbers, probably half of its bigger sibling, but still short of the money allocated for the FIC).

CMN HS125 Interceptor. CMN

Anyway based on inputs from my sources it appears that the RMN FIC has very similar specifications to the current in service CB90 or even the Mark V SOC (which itself was derived from the CB90).

RMN CB90 Combat boat

I think the industry felt the same way as a number of shipyards that participated in LIMA 19 had models that looked very similar to the CB90 though none of them were claiming that they were partners with the CB90’s builder, Dockstavarvet. The Swedish company also has a modernized version of the CB90 though I am not sure whether its local partner intends to bid for the FIC tender.

Dockstavarvet 16 meter interceptor operated by Mexico.

The RMN FIC is to be armed with a 12.7mm caliber machine gun, to be operated remotely, and two light machine guns. Although the tender call for a RWS for the machine gun I am not sure whether this could be done. A RWS mount for a 12.7 mm machine gun would likely cost more than RM1 million (the gun will be supplied by RMN), I am not sure any shipbuilders could supply even one RWS on a boat costing RM10 million or lower. Of course these may be the trump card for the winning bidder.

The interior of 16 meter interceptor of Dockstavarvet.

The minimum crew requirement is five, the number usually carried by RMN CB90s; with the capability to carry eight passengers. It is to be equipped with the standard navigational aids and endurance of three days at sea.

One of the Watercat assault/landing boat of marine police built by the Geliga Shipyard in Terengganu. The vessel or the latest version could be offered for the RMN FIC tender.

The winning FIC, equipped with at least two engines and a top speed of 40 knots, should be build locally, I was told.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. So we have plenty of units that uses FIC.

    We have
    – Kastam
    – Polis Marin
    – Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia
    – TLDM

    The question now is, why?

    As for the CB90, is it now mainly being used as a FIC?

    It’s a Jack of All Trades really

  2. It’s a Jack of All Trades really…..yes Sir
    u nailed it…what TLDM wants according to my opinion..
    A fast landing craft, with speed of 40 knots to do chasing of small n big craft.
    With 1 section in its belly ready for boarding party…shore party etc etc.
    It will be no surprise if some of the craft is installed with TOW missile or its derivatives…120mm motar etc etc in support of beach landing party.

    Tak da pitih boss nak beli TOW 120 mortar

  3. The problem when you have no written doctrine or conops for gator/littoral warfare. The people that holds the money cannot see why you need what.

    The CB90 replacement (it should not be strictly a FIC IMO) should operate along with plenty of other equipments, not to be seen in isolation.

    CB90 replacement would perform like a seaborne IFV, transporting PASKAL operators to where it needs to fight, whether on islands, or chasing a speed boat. It also must be able to give limited fire support, and able to take on small arms fire.

    It is to operate together with LMS and MRSS which would support the CB90 replacement with C4I, situational awareness, fire support, and at sea replenishment and basing.

    So if the CB90 replacement does require heavy fire support such as mini missiles (LMM would look good) or 57mm gun fire it should get them from the LMS. Unfortunately the LMS 68 is also very minimally armed…

  4. Could perhaps put an Ingwe on an LMS

    BTW did our FACs carry any Iglas? Some navies do that

  5. Off topic

    Its official indonesia is going to build its new capital city in kalimantan.

    By end of the year the location will be confirmed, either in east kalimantan or central kalimantan.

    Something that we need to take into account for our future plans.

  6. Chua,

    No. There were also erroneous reports in the 1980’s that we had Blowpipe on our FACs.

    A FAC would have to be moving very slowly for a man with a missile launcher on his shoulder to operate (the reason why navies go for integrated MANPAD mounts) effectively and the ship would need some ability to detect incoming aerial targets.

  7. @ api69

    What? 50knots or more? Dash or sustained?

    The MRTP16 is supposed to have 60 knots top speed. The IC16M have 50+ knots top speed.

    BTW Mr api69 are gyro stabilizers something already catching on in malaysia, or is it still an alien concept to malaysian boatbuilders?

  8. Manpads would be suitable on bigger vessels like LMS. For context, singapore uses Simbad (which is basically a twin Mistral launcher) on its patrol ships

    It would be a good alternative for ship that is too small for more extensive air defence. Should be good deterrent against UAV or helicopters

  9. “Manpads would be suitable on bigger vessels like LMS. For context, singapore uses Simbad (which is basically a twin Mistral launcher) on its patrol ships.

    The Fearless class PVs have them but they won’t be in service for much longer. Their replacements will have MICA. Victory class corvettes had them before they were replaced by Barak. Endurance class LSTs had them but now have Typhoon RWS where the mounts used to be.

  10. A bit off topic

    A graphic on the Korean Hanwha Naval Shield CMS, which is developed from the thales tacticos.

    You can see the MY-TRV using the baseline 2.2 of the naval shield CMS. MY-TRV is the gagah samudera class.

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