Bullet/Stab Proof Vests For PDRM

SHAH ALAM: Bullet/stab proof vests for PDRM. The police has started distributing a new bullet/stab proof reflective vests for its personnel. As only 800 vests have been procured so far these would be distributed initially to personnel assigned to patrol vehicles or MPV units.

The first 100 vests were distributed in Johor Bahru today, Bernama reports.

A police officer showing the details of the new bullet.stab proof reflective vest. Polis Johor

Bukit Aman Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department director Datuk Zainal Abidin Kasim said 800 units were distributed under the first phase by giving priority to all the contingents.

He said the distribution was also based on the frequent risks and incidents of criminal cases that required MPV patrolmen to wear safety vests. According to him, the Reflective Bullet Proof Vest Level II With Anti Stab is able to last for 10 years and provide ballistic protection against shots from nine millimetre (mm) calibre bullets.

“It also provides protection from stabs caused by sharp implements, such as knives and others besides being able to reflect light as a protection to members on duty at night or in dark conditions.

“We give the whole of Malaysia based on priorities. Large contingents, such as in Johor we give 100 units because of the high risks involved similar to those posed by Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang,” he said.

Previously, Zainal said MPV members were only supplied with light reflective jackets that did not have safety features and this new quality safety vest was seen to boost the confidence of members while on duty.

He said there were 3,000 MPVs nationwide and about 6,000 units of safety vests were needed, in which, for the first phase, 800 units were given by the government through the 2018 Budget after undergoing endurance tests at the end of last year.

“If there is more, we also want the vests to be worn by personnel in other departments while on duty,” he added.

MPV policemen demonstrating the new vests. Polis Johor.

The last line is emblematic of the issue, such bullet/stab proof vests are needed as much as other equipment of the police like vehicles, firearms and communication gears hence it will take sometime for it be issued across the line.

MPV policemen with the new vests after a demonstration. Polis Johor

It will also be good if personnel issued with the vests are also equipped with combat-shirt uniforms as our hot weather is very non-conducive to be wearing extra layer of clothing even for self protection. Perhaps by buying in bulk, the police and government will be able to reduce the cost of such vests.

— Malaysian Defence

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