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SHAH ALAM: Where Do You Roam. As posted previously both the Kedah and Laksamana class ships would be fitted with the GEM Electronica Electro Optical Firing Control System (EOFCS) as part of the RMN intention to put more hulls at sea.

As part of the plan, the RMN is also planning to upgrade the ships of three Fast Attack Craft class – the Perdana, Handalan and Jerung – with a locally sourced mini combat management system (CMS). The mini CMS will allow the main gun of these vessel – the Bofors 57mm – to be fired remotely with an EO device for aiming.

KD  Pendekar

KD Pendekar, one of the four Handalan class boats at LIMA 19.

This is basically the same way the Kedah and Laksamana class ships will be using the Gem Electronica EOFCS to fire their 76mm guns. The GEM Electronica EOFCS is however a stand alone system though it could be integrated into a CMS.

GEM Elettronica EOFCS115A, the EOD FCS for the Laksamana class ships signed at DSA 2016

The competition to upgrade the FACs were open late last year, I was told but so far no contract has been awarded, AFAIK.

KD Ganyang

KD Ganyang, the fourth boat of the Perdana class FAC. TLDM

I have asked the RMN on whether the decision to upgrade the FAC will effect the plan to build 14 more LMS ahead of the service’s anniversary last month. Unfortunately, the queries were not replied, though most of it were apparently used as the talking notes for the media during a press conference at Lumut for the navy day.

KD Paus, one of the six Jerung class FAC. TLDM

I was told however, separately, it is unlikely that the 14 LMS will be funded any time soon.

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