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KD Gempita
KD Gempita at the RMN base in Kuantan. KD Gempita Twitter

SHAH ALAM: Where Do You Roam. As posted previously both the Kedah and Laksamana class ships would be fitted with the GEM Electronica Electro Optical Firing Control System (EOFCS) as part of the RMN intention to put more hulls at sea.

As part of the plan, the RMN is also planning to upgrade the ships of three Fast Attack Craft class – the Perdana, Handalan and Jerung – with a locally sourced mini combat management system (CMS). The mini CMS will allow the main gun of these vessel – the Bofors 57mm – to be fired remotely with an EO device for aiming.

KD  Pendekar

KD Pendekar, one of the four Handalan class boats at LIMA 19.

This is basically the same way the Kedah and Laksamana class ships will be using the Gem Electronica EOFCS to fire their 76mm guns. The GEM Electronica EOFCS is however a stand alone system though it could be integrated into a CMS.

GEM Elettronica EOFCS115A, the EOD FCS for the Laksamana class ships signed at DSA 2016

The competition to upgrade the FACs were open late last year, I was told but so far no contract has been awarded, AFAIK.

KD Ganyang

KD Ganyang, the fourth boat of the Perdana class FAC. TLDM

I have asked the RMN on whether the decision to upgrade the FAC will effect the plan to build 14 more LMS ahead of the service’s anniversary last month. Unfortunately, the queries were not replied, though most of it were apparently used as the talking notes for the media during a press conference at Lumut for the navy day.

KD Paus, one of the six Jerung class FAC. TLDM

I was told however, separately, it is unlikely that the 14 LMS will be funded any time soon.

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  1. All together there are conveniently 14 FACs remaining.

    KD Perdana,
    KD Serang,
    KD Ganas,
    KD Ganyang,
    KD Perkasa,
    KD Handalan,
    KD Gempita,
    KD Pendekar,
    KD Jerung,
    KD Todak,
    KD Paus,
    KD Yu,
    KD Baung,
    KD Pari

    On average, they are around 40 years old, although have gone through plenty of refits before.

    Yes we can upgrade them with new mini CMS, and with this they are probably more lethal than the LMS68. Other item to be upgraded IMO should be the radars, and additional EO/FLIR turrets. But this will only prolong the service of the ships to probably 10 more years? If the current LMS design is not the one that they need, they need to plan on what kind of capabilities they need now for ships to finally replace the FACs in 10 years time.

    BTW if they are looking at extending the lives of the Corvettes and FACs, why not do the same with KD Hang Tuah? It still can be tasked as an OPV right?

  2. Personally i see no point of upgrading them. Might as well get the Bagan Datuk Class similar to what the MMEA. Or if really tight Money wise, approach singapore for the soon to be retired fearless class and victory class ships. Though old but not as old as our FACs, maybe are in way better shape that may not need refurbishment except taking out the israeli equipment on board if any.

  3. “I was told however, separately, it is unlikely that the 14 LMS will be funded any time soon.”

    hope the stance with this will change soon…as we really need new hull…also with DWP soon,at least we will know what will be done..

  4. I totally agree with kamal, the RSN fearless and victory class is a good choice, but then ,”hell would be freezes over then.”

  5. There’s that local CMS thing again. Hope the media follows on that closely to see if it is succesfully integrated with any of the guns or missiles in our inventory.

  6. This post is unrelated to this topic. Sorry.
    But what is happenning to the little bird order?. There are sounds going on in facebiok regarding a sum of more than RM100 million being paid to a local agent but we still dont have the heli.
    Thank you

    Please look back at my earlier stories. I will wait until SPRM comes in to the picture first. The first helicopters are supposed to be delivered by the third quarter of this year

  7. What funding will be provided for if not LMS anytime soon?

    The LCS and operational issues

  8. I think mini CMS is pretty adequate for these literal gunboats. For comparion, none of the ships in Philippines navy have any CMS(not even mini CMS) until very recently

  9. AM,

    Their hulls are worn out and various components have long been showing their age. They still are operational but require more checks and maintenance on account of age. All in all – despite being older – they are in better shape then the Laksamanas. At least we got our money’s worth with the FACs; unlike the highly problematic Laksamanas.

    Originally designed to operate in a littoral environment; our FACs frequently found themselves operating in the open seas and in sea conditions their hulls were not intended to operate in. Quite often, they can’t put to sea if sea conditions are too rough; a problem frequently encountered when based at Tanjung Gelang or Labuan.

  10. Like the Laksamanas no point at all spending more than the bare minimum needed to keep the FACS operational for a few more years. Given their age and the condition of their hulls, shafts, gear boxes, etc, the time to subject them to a full upgrade has long passed – which is exactly why the RMN has no such intention as it would not be a good investment.

    We faced exactly the same situation with the Laksamanas in that adding fancy new stuff was absolutely pointless given the overall condition of the ships as well as vital stuff like the hulls.

  11. Alex,

    I have no idea what a “mini CMS” is but almost no ship in the PN has a CMS for the simple reason that they don’t have the guns, missiles, torpedoes, ESM, chaff launchers, sonars and radars that need integration – the bulk of the PN still consists of ships that are several decades old, including several constructed during the 1940’s.

    The ex RN Peacock class patrol boats probably just have a simple fire control as do the ex USCG cutters. What’s for sure is that the PN’s frigates on order from South Korea will have a CMS.

    Similarly all our FACs were delivered with just a fire control system and when the fire directors became inoperable due to age; the Mk1s had to be fired manually (not possible with later models); just like with the Indera Saktis. Not pleasant when one is wearing a flash hood and when there is only a blower and an opened door for ventilation.

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