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Vibrant 1 CMS console/workstation dsiplayed at LIMA 19..

SHAH ALAM: A walk on part…. It appears that KD Jebat is set to get a new “brain” as it enters the 20th year anniversary in the RMN. The new brain is of course the locally developed Vibrant 1 combat management system.

As reported previously the Vibrant 1 CMS had been selected by Boustead Naval Shipyard last year to be installed on the Jebat as part of its refit work. The CMS was developed by local company, Marine Crest Technology Bhd with inputs from Indian firm, C2C-DB Systems Pvt Ltd. For further details go here.

Vibrant 1

The software FAT of the Vibrant 1 CMS. RMN.

On May 16, RMN’s Fleet Engineering Authority posted on its social media that it conducted the Factory Acceptance Test for the software of Vibrant 1 CMS. The console/workstation looked the same as the one displayed at LIMA 19. It did not state when the CMS will actually be installed on Jebat, however.

Vibrant 1 CMS console/workstation dsiplayed at LIMA 19..

It must be noted that the Jebat and its sister ship KD Lekiu, have had a programme to replace some of its equipment within the last three years, including the Thales Vigile 100 Mk2 ESM replacing the BAE Mentor A; Chess Dynamics Sea Eagle FCEO replacing the BAE Type V 3001 and a new navigation radar, the Terma Scanter 6000.

KD Jebat at LIMA 2019. Zaq Sayuti.

The CMS will be the most significant upgrade though it remained unclear whether it will also be extended to Lekiu, though it is most likely. There is no word at all on the replacement for the VL Seawolf SAM though.

KD Lekiu at LIMA 2019. Zaq Sayuti

As whether or not, the CMS will be able to support the Jebat’s guided weapons, I guess we will have to wait until RMN conducts a firing exercise later this year.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Factory acceptance test is just that, switching on the system at the factory and making sure it works.

    The real test would be when it is actually installed on the ship and networked with all the radar, EO, ESM and weapons.

  2. I have been wondering whether the Aspide system in the laksamana has been “relife”thus no need to be replaced yet..or is it just the firing canisters not removed but the system actually not working. Well if it is the former, maybe the same can be done for the Seawolf missiles?

    It’s the latter actually

  3. Local or import yg beza hanya harganya..yg penting sistem itu dapat dikendalikan dgn lebih mudah dan berkesan…bukan sekadar kecanggihan sahaja tetapi berkesan kepada operator yg mengendalikannya.Jgn hanya canggih pada kertas sahaja (paper work) …Sistem perlu lebih ‘ friendly user’ agar operator baru lebih mudah mengendalikan tanpa rujukan Manual ketika keadaan mendesak.

    The SOP is to use the manual in all circumstances, the problem I am told with this kind of things people tend to disregard the manual and do their own stuff…

  4. kamal,

    There are only so many times one can “relife” a missile. The MM-38s were first done at the Naval Dockyard and later at Pakistan – twice. The Otomats and Aspides we got were from Italian navy stocks. Plenty of live left then but not “new”.

    With Seawolf we have bought spares before but not sure if we have actually “relifed” them before. I don’t think so for the reason there was no need. The questions really are whether they can – from a technical perspective – be worked on at this late stage in their lives and whether MBDA is willing to do it. The first to go is usually the propellant followed by the circuitry.

  5. “inputs from Indian firm, C2C-DB Systems Pvt Ltd”
    Is this a good way in telling that it was developed in India and just “locally rebadged?” I would be really disappointed if this were true. Not surprised but still disappointed nonetheless.

    BTW Marhalim, word in FB going around that RMAF (or Mindef?) is looking at doing a deal of RM 36Billion for the LCA project with FA-50, Tejas, JF-17, and YAK-130 as contenders. This we already known, but what’s more interesting that these are being lobbied by unheard/newly formed companies and no more G-to-G. Any take on this?

    Stupid story

  6. Indeed it is a ridiculous figure, more suited for 30 Eurofighter Typhoons than 30 jet trainers.

  7. Looks like we are helping the Indians develop their CMS for their aircraft carrier. Maybe it will integrate with Brahmos at least.


    What ever was reported there is no way they are using the core software of the Indian Navy, the company will not be allowed to do that. How are we going to integrate the Brahmos when there is no plans to buy the missiles?

  8. RM7 billion or USD1. 67 billion per current exchange rate for LCA will translate per unit cost around USD42 mil per aircraft assuming 36 is ordered.. Is, it not that a bit steep for an aircraft with very lightly armed, not so advanced radar and have intercepting speed between mach 1.1 to Max 1.6 only? I hope if they do spend that much, hope to have a BVR missiles included at least, the price calculated is about the same price what Egypt is paying for a brand new Mig 35/29M but with full compliments of Russian top avionics and arms though may not be the latest

  9. @ kamal

    It is “up to RM7 billion”, so it is not to exceed that amount. IMO a good news as it could get TUDM the best supersonic-capable LCA available. And with that budget probably up to 40-50 LCA/LIFT can be procured, there is no solid numbers of aircrafts being put out yet. Only numbers that has been put out is 2 skuadron of LCA and 1 skuadron of LIFT.

    Let say they really want 18 aircrafts per skuadron, that is already 54 aircrafts.

  10. “What ever was reported there is no way they are using the core software of the Indian Navy, the company will not be allowed to do that.”

    They are not going to write entirely new software just for our ship. It sounds like the Lekiu will be this software’s first test drive, and they will allow ‘a lot’ of changes and variation orders.

  11. I would settle for 24 jas 39c/d ex sweeden which were hardly used (if available) but without aewc la if that kind of number

    The plan is to have a twin seat LCA like the FA-50/M346FA/YAK-130 so around eight could be used as LIFT or FLIT as RMAF called them. Which means that the Hawks will not be upgraded, if the government decides to fund the LCA. The MB339CM will be retired as well. Leonardo is offering to buy back the 339s if they select the M346FA

  12. We need to buy LCA/LIFT that can fulfil our needed mission. Pushing for things like BVR for the LCA is like asking the LMS ship to be able to chase submarines and intercept ballistic missiles. All these BVR and what not are still being fulfilled by our Su-30MKM and F/A-18D so the LCA not having BVR capability is a non issue.

    What happened to the indian LCA program with the never ending mission creep is something that should not be repeated by us.

    IMO there is 3 basic mission sets that the LCA/LIFT must be able to do.

    1. QRA alert.
    Mission set:
    If we rerun the MH370 incident, if the LCA able to be launched at the starting point of MH370 turning back, can the LCA intercept the MH370 in time before it went out of malaysian airspace above langkawi?

    2. CAS support.
    Mission set:
    If we rerun the lahad datu conflict, can the LCA employ the same munitions that Hornets and hawks use during that conflict?

    3. Lead-in fighter trainer.
    Mission set:
    Does the LIFT version have mature training systems in place (simulators, sylabus, etc)? Can the LIFT version train future malaysian fighter pilots better than current hawk and mb-339 aircraft and training systems?

    Anything other than the 3 above is bonus and should not compromise the main 3 mission set.

  13. No, having BVR in LCA is not like asking an LMS to intercept ballistic missile. The FA50 ANAPG67 radar potential software upgrade would already allows it, post 2020 as recently announced. Just saying that if true we are paying up to USD42 mil a piece for LCA, then dont think its too much to ask for that. But if the planner is fine paying that price without the inclusion of BVR then so be it

    The radar fitted on the FA50 is the Elta 2032 radar integrated with the Derby BVR missile

  14. If we are going for FA-50, i dont think we will go for israeli radar. So probably just APG-67 like the base T-50 version, unless KAI is willing to integrate leonardo vixen 500e. Anyway these are some pictures of air refueling probe for FA-50




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