EW, MPA or VIP Jet

A CGI of the proposed A320 MPA

SHAH ALAM: EW, MPA or VIP jet. Among the 43 aircraft slated for static display at LIMA 19 include an Airbus A319 jet which according to the show’s organisers is brought in by a local firm, Mynertia Aerokosmos & Defence Sdn Bhd.

A CGI of the proposed A320 MPA

From the company’s website

Mynertia Group of Companies started in 2016, with the incorporation of Mynertia Technika and the rest was history. Aimed to be the anchor for these start-ups, Mynertia Sdn Bhd and Mynertia LLC was consecutively formed in 2017.

Mynertia is a BUMIPUTERA technology company, with business experience dated back from the late 1999. Our core business is providing data & communication solutions and services through our network of licensors outside of Malaysia. Our founders and partners have worked with renowned global satellite data service providers and we have also developed indigenous products and services, currently under development with government agencies in Malaysia. Our aim is to become a niche leading solution partners for satellite data communication entity providing global brand for wireless data and messaging services.

As an authorized solution partner to ORBCOMM Inc – a global M2M wireless telecommunications company, MYNERTIA group sets to provide solutions through an existing narrow band two-way digital messaging, short-burst data communications via geo-synchronous satellite and geo-positioning services in Malaysia, and also as far as the four corners of the globe.

MYNERTIA group specializes and supports numerous applications that have potential broad use within the government and corporate sector. Many government agencies around the world have already been leveraging on ORBCOMM’s ubiquitous satellite coverage and solutions.

For a start, we have established NAMSYS (“National Asset Monitoring System”) as a local product, monitoring of remote assets, telecommunication towers, monitoring of gas pipelines and water levels at our major rivers is a few of our self-developed products.

As the LIMA 19 list did not specifically state what kind of A319 Mynertia is bringing to the show, one may guess its either MPA, electronic warfare aircraft or at least a communication relay. Airbus did a study on an A319MPA back in 2016 but last year announced it was looking to develop an MPA based on A320, instead.

RMAF Global Express M48-02. Md Radzi Desa. Wikipedia

Perhaps the A319 to be displayed is an ACJ version just like two Airbus Corporate Jets, óne leased (ACJ319 ) and the other (ACJ320) bought by the previous government.

The ACJ320 9H-AWK which is operated by the PMO since early 2015 to replace the BBJ which had been sold.

I have been told that the current government had wanted to terminate the A319 ACJ lease soon after it took over after the GE last year. But it was advised to allow the lease to expire as cancelling it during the term would result in penalties.

It is also likely the A320 ACJ is being put up for sale as the King flew to Sabah last week on the Global Express already in service with RMAF No 2 Skuadron.

I guess we will have to wait until LIMA 19 to find out more about this A319.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. @ marhalim

    AFAIK there is no EW or MPA conversions of Airbus A319 ever.

    I thought both 9M-NAA (Airbus ACJ319) and 9M-NAB (Airbus ACJ320) is leased?

    So far most of Tun M travels is on 9M-NAA (Airbus ACJ319)

    BTW currently there is quite a few Airbus ACJ319 for sale, most around USD40-50 million mark.

    I cannot find any reports on the ACJ320 that’s said it’s leased, the reports mostly said it was bought to replace the BBJ which the government took over from Malaysia Airlines.

  2. @ marhalim

    From my info, the A320 9M-NAB was bought by jet premier one (m) sdn bhd from comlux aviation to be leased to the malaysian government

    If that’s correct my guess its lease must have expired then

  3. Exactly what do we mean by “electronic warfare” here?

    Well it depends on the user of course

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