New Interceptor Boats Wanted

SHAH ALAM: New Interceptor Boats Wanted. Shephard Media Malaysian correspondent Dzirhan Mahadzir is reporting that the RMN is looking to buy up to 18 fast interceptor craft (FIC). RMN has not issued a tender yet for the new FIC but local shipbuilders have been consulted on the requirement.

For the record, the RMN had wanted to buy FIC retired by the US Navy several years ago for use in ESSCOM but this fell through once the life cycle costs of the vessels were made known.

A Mark V SOC launching a ScanEagle UAV. US Navy picture

The procurement of the FIC are also included in the RMN’s 15 to 5 transformation plan. It is likely that when the FICs are in service, the RMN’s fleet of CB90 combat boats could be retired. A total of 17 CB90s were delivered from Swedish firm, Dockstavarvet, from 1996 to 2001. These assault/patrol boats were originally purchased to conduct patrol and surveillance in Sabah and Sarawak waters back then and most of them are still based there.

One of the Penggalang class FIAC procured from BYO Marine Sdn Bhd.

Anyhow as local shipbuilders have been consulted for the requirement, it must be noted that three companies had delivered three type of FICs or similar vessels to other government agencies, namely the police and the Malaysian Coast Guard (APMM).

One of the Watercat assault/landing boat of marine police

The police purchased 10 Fast Strike Craft Watercat M14 from Geliga Slipway, licensed from Marine Aleutech, between 2007 and 2009. Destini Shipbuilding and Engineering build two Penggalang class FIC for APMM as well 17-meter FIC.

A CGI rendering of a future assault/patrol boat of the marine police. PDRM

APMM also got 10 ONUK MRTP16 FIC from BYO Marine Marine Sdn Bhd, a joint-venture company between Boustead Heavy Industries Defence Technology and Yonca-Onuk JV.

RMN CB90 Combat boat

Of course, they are other shipbuilders in Malaysia capable of building the FIC and winning the contract. It is likely that they will display their models/proposals of the FIC at LIMA 19.

— Malaysian Defence

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