Two Airmen Killed In Live Firing Mishap

SHAH ALAM: Two RMAF airmen died and another injured following a mishap at a live firing exercise at Kem Sirajuddin, Gemas on June 25, 2023. Laskar Kanan 1 Mohd Iqmal Masdi, 22, was killed on the scene in the 12.10pm incident while Koperal Udara Muhd Syuib Bidin, 33, was pronounced dead at 5.45pm on the same day while undergoing treatment at the Segamat Hospital, RMAF said in a release.

The third airman, Koperal Udara Khairuzaman Lokman, 35, who was injured in the incident is reported to be in a stable condition at the Segamat Hospital.

The incident occurred when the trio was conducting a training exercise with support weapons and hand grenades as part of the Defence Training Course Series 78/23, RMAF said. Mohd Iqmal, was a trainee at the RMAF’s Institute of Management and Administration Studies at the Sendayan Airbase while both Muhd Syuib and Khairuzaman were attached to the same institute as instructors.

RMAF said a Board of Inquiry had been formed to determine the cause of the incident. The police is also investigating the incident, it stated. The bodies of the airmen were laid to rest at their respective hometowns, this afternoon.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. I knew the received small arms training but had no idea they also receive grenade training.

  2. Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased…


    1. Why does TUDM personnel meant for office work (administration clarks etc.) need to be proficient on hand grenades? I would understand if they need to be proficient on handguns or M4 rifles, but hand grenandes?

    2. Does the 2 TUDM instructors that is teaching are current in their proficiency in the handling of hand grenandes? Should something like this be taught by Tentera Darat Instructors instead?

  3. I believed that this a course for airmen to qualify as Handau troopers. As for the second question, I have no idea.

  4. Support weapons and grenades. As above the course is for those to qualify as Handau troopers, airbase guards which duty of course to protect them from ground and air attacks.

  5. Wong – “Should something like this be taught by Tentera Darat Instructors instead”

    – Is it written in stone that accidents won’t happen if the instructors are from the army? No.
    – Are army instructors better qualified than RMAF ones by virtue of being army? Not necessarily.
    – Do we know the cause of the mishap? Incompetent instructors or a mishap which would have happened anyway: as sometimes does. Still early days.

  6. Institut Kepimpinan dan Pengurusan (INSKEP) is not the training center for HANDAU.

    That is just an assumption by Marhalim.

    INSKEP main tasks
    – Leadership courses
    – Supervisor courses
    – Management courses
    – Team building courses

    Why do they include hand grenade training for the above? Something that needs to be answered by RMAF leadership.

  7. Greande accidents ate not uncommon. And grenade throwing practises are a compulsory for all courses attended . Exveption would be for the Admin course or intelligence course.
    And without fail, each course has a jinx. The alertness of the immediate instructor n range safety NCO is very important. I have seen a case where the trainee actually drop his grenade at the throwing butt. The insyructor immediately picked up the droped grenade from the ground n threw the grenade forward n pressing the saidctrainee down behind the sandbag.
    In this incident, there was a serious injury caused by a flying shard ot metal that frw in a curved manner n hit the range NCO just at his inner thight . He received many stitches.
    Lucky. No life lost

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