LAW In The Wild

Pendekar MBT tearing (not really) Persiaran Putrajaya at the Merdeka parade rehearsal in 2018.

SHAH ALAM: LAW in the wild. A year ago Malaysian Defence reported that the Army was getting an unknown number of Nammo M72 LAW shoulder launched rockets after a tender was issued to find the MTO to ship back these weapons to Malaysia.

At DSA 2018 Malaysian Defence reported that the LAW primary user will be the GGK. Thanks to the Merdeka Parade rehersal at Putrajaya, today (Aug. 29) we now have pictures of the LAW with GGK troopers. As the Army had purchased two variants of the LAW, the anti structure and anti tank, variants it is likely that the troopers were carrying the training version of both weapons.

A GGK trooper carrying a LAW apart from his pack at the Merdeka parade rehersal.

Based on the number of LAW carried by the troopers in the parade, I am assuming that the weapon will be issued liberally for operations. Unfortunately, there was no NLAW ATGM carried by the troopers though we know it had also been ordered , most likely also for the GGK. Hopefully, it will be featured in next year’s Merdeka Parade.

One of the Pendekar MBT taking part in the parade. Note the white markings on the tracks.

Unfortunately there were no other debuts for the Army( which I noticed) at the parade though the six Pendekar MBTs taking part were apparently using rubber tracks though I stand to be corrected, of course. The tracks did not appear to cause any kind of markings on the surface of Persiaran Putrajaya which I is why I am assuming that they are rubber tracks. The tracks had white markings on the threads probably to indicate wear and tear but a tell tale sign that these were fitted on the Pendekar prior to the parade.

Pendekar MBT tearing (not really) Persiaran Putrajaya at the Merdeka parade rehersal today.

Anyhow, the 7th PGA Batallion taking part in the parade are armed with the Colt Advance Colt Carbine – Monolithic (ACC-M) as reported by Malaysian Defence during DSA 2018.

Troopers from 7th Bn. PGA with their Colt ACC-M rifles.

The first batch of some 3000 ACC-M has already been delivered by SMEO last year while another batch of around 3000 units are expected in the second quarter of 2018.PDRM ordered 15,000 ACC-M rifles from SME Ordnance Sdn Bhd (early last year) with the deliveries to be completed within five years. PDRM has also ordered 500 Advanced Piston Carbine (APC) from SMEO last year together with 50 9-inch M203 under-barrel launchers for VAT 69

The ACC-M carried by the PGA troopers did not have any optics though they are equipped with pistol grips. It must be noted that the Senoi Praaq troopers, part of the same PDRM contingent are still issued with M16A1 rifles.

The two mobile radar of the MMEA purchased as part of the national coast watch program.

MMEA which is also taking part in the parade are displaying a Thales Fulmar UAV as well as two mobile radars in its contingent.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Nice Guns.. and Are you going to be there tommorow marhalim ?

    Plus, Is Navy and Air force planing to buy ATGM and MANPADS For Special Forces ?.

  2. @ marhalim,

    I thought we have seen those M72s before and used in Lahad Dato? Even you said before those 2017 M72s are the 2nd batch we got.


    Our Pendekars has always used tracks with rubber shoes from Diehl, never the soviet style steel-only tracks. Those white markings are normal, has been seen for ages.

    BTW no 2.

    No pictures of those 5x SU-30MKM flyovers?

  3. PGA personnel stationed at kudat is still using A1

    I think rather than outright replacement, pdrm should look into M16A1 overhaul and upgrade. Things like A2 barrel can be done with minimal toolings

    They are buying the Colt ACCM in batches so its likely that the PGA battalions will get them in stages with those near Bukit Aman getting them the earliest as per usual practice

  4. If the remainder flyable MKMs participate in Merdeka, then we are practically defenseless!

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