LAW Firing In The Wild

SHAH ALAM: LAW Firing in the wild. A training exercise by the Recon and Sniper (Pandura) Company of the 10th Para Brigade has afforded the first glimpse of the use of the Light Anti Weapon (LAW) in action albeit in an exercise. It is likely the company designed for long range patrol and pathfinder missions are equipped with the LAW, in case they need a weapon to destroy light armour or emplacements.

A paratrooper firing a LAW as the Pandura team fires en masse. Note the trooper carrying a LAW on his pack. BTDM picture.

Befitting its status, the Pandura company weapons are equipped with optics for their M4s, light machine guns and sniper rifles. The sniper team is equipped with the Barret M82/107 50 caliber rifle for those extra long distance targets either equipment or enemy emplacements.
The paratrooper on the extreme left firing a FN Minimi 7.62mm machine gun equipped with optics. BTDM


NEGERI SEMBILAN: Seramai empat pegawai dan 76 anggota lain-lain pangkat (LLP) telah melaksanakan Latihan Kepakaran dan Kompetensi Elemen Tinjau dan Sniper Kompeni PANDURA (Para) bermula 1 hingga 7 Mac 2021 di Lapangsasar Gemas/Asahan.
Tujuan latihan ini adalah bagi memperbaiki serta meningkatkan Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Elemen Tempur Tim dan Platun.
Latihan ini juga merupakan raptai dan persiapan bagi pasukan menghadapi EKS BLACK SHADOW dan EKS BRAVO 210 di peringkat pasukan.
Kesemua latihan ini berkonsepkan life firing assault yang dilaksanakan merangkumi Latihan Menembak Individual dan Tim (LMIT) Peringkat 1 dan 2, Ujian Jalan Laju (UJL) 15km, Close Quarter Combat & Tactical Advance Shooting, Basic & Advance Live Fire Contact/Break Contact Drill, Live Fire RAID Training, Sniper/Recon Overwatch Live Fire, Tactical Navigation & Route Recon, Sniper/Recon Surveilance & Observation dan Crossing Danger Area & Obtacles.
Di samping itu latihan ini adalah untuk memberi pendedahan kepada Ketua-Ketua Elemen Tempur yang baru dalam TTP dan perlaksanaan penugasan Tinjau/Sniper Kompeni PANDURA (Para).
Pada masa yang sama, kesiagaan pasukan ini turut diuji oleh Panglima 10 Bgd (Para), Brig Jen Khairul Azmizal bin Ahmad Natal pada 4 Mac 2021, di mana Panglima 10 Bgd (Para) telah mengarahkan tiga Tim Tinjau dan dua Tim Sniper yang diketuai oleh Pegawai Pemerintah Komp PANDURA para diaturgerakkan ke Zon Gugur Nangka, Kelantan bagi melaksanakan Penerjunan Bebas HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) juga HALO (High Altitute Low Opening) serta memberi bantuan dalam menanda Zon Gugur dan mengawal pesawat sewaktu perlaksanaan Mass Drop LPBG (Leading Para Battle Group) 8 RRD (Para) di dalam Gabungan EKS TACOP/EKS KENYALANG WARRIOR. Tim kemudiannya telah dibuat extraction ke Gemas bagi meneruskan latihan kepakaran setelah misi pengguguran LPBG berjaya dilaksanakan.
Panglima 10 Bgd (Para) juga turut menekankan agar sistem latihan yang berorientasikan Combat Realism, Induce Stress in Training dan Analytical Thinking of Small Unit Leaders di aplikasikan secara holistik agar setiap lapisan anggota Pasukan Komp PANDURA (Para) lebih berkeyakinan dan bersedia untuk melaksanakan misi dalam apa juga keadaan, cuaca dan dimensi ancaman. Eksesais ini juga merupakan latihan pemanasan bagi menghadapi EKS PARA PREDATOR DAN EKS GERAK PANTAS pada pertengahan 2021 seperti mana yang telah ditetapkan oleh Panglima 10 Bgd (Para) bagi mendokong kelangsungan misi dan kesiagaan Tentera Darat sebagaimana yang diamanatkan oleh Panglima Tentera Darat.
– Komp Pandura 10 Bgd (Para)

A sniper team equipped with a Barret 50 caliber sniper rifle firing from a makeshift position on the range. BTDM

It is likely that the Pandura Company are equipped with LAWs and not RPGs as its missions involved operating near and behind enemy lines. It is likely the company will also be equipped with NLAW once it enter service with the Army. The NLAW will allow the unit to fire at targets at longer ranges.
Paratroopers with their M4 carbines both with optics, one with M203 grenade launcher. BTDM

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Something we’ve never seen in an exercise or on Merdeka Day is the NTW 20mm rifle. It was displayed once when it first arrived; at an army exhibition in 2011.

    On the LAW to the best of my knowledge it has also never appeared on Merdeka Day. The first batch arrived years ago. At an exhibition in 2013 the army displayed a launcher which it says was used in Lahad Dato.

    They had the NTW rifle on display during ones of the gig they had Dataran Merdeka. Yes never saw them firing LAW as well though saw the C90 firing during one of the LTK

  2. I recall seeing during Merdeka parades a group of marchers with ghillied overalls including ghillied rifles. Very stark contrast to the regular soldiers marching ahead. Are they the Pandura Company?


  3. Marhalim,

    ‘Pandura’ is basically the Pathfinder element correct? Whilst I would understand the need for it to have snipers or sharpshooters as part of its TOE; I was under the impression that snipers per see would be a separate element of 10 Para. As far as I know in other units the sniper platoon or section is part of the Weapon’s Company and is parceled out under the CO’s prerogative.

    I believed the Pandura Company has its own snipers as part of its force protection or over watch. From the pictures we can see the sniper team is deployed away from the pathfinder team purposely for this role. I stand to be corrected of course. Yes the other battalion have their own Pandura platoons and snipers

  4. Question, what optics are they using on the M4s? Aimpoint? Primary Arms? Vortex? Holosun?

    No idea really

  5. As I understand it, the major downside of the NTW operationally is its massive weight.

    Like many other militaries in the world, ATM orders a couple of weapons to test them out. Doesn’t mean they will be fielded.


    They were and are, I believed though I don’t think they had really figured out what they will do it. That’s why now everybody are now using the Barret. Its one of those things that look good on paper but in reality its really not practical especially in our terrain. You can see the gun being fired on Forgotten Weapons YouTube channel

  6. Chua – “ is its massive weight”

    Correct; so obviously it will be used where operational circumstances don’t call for vehicle mounted operators to deploy too far on foot.

    Like all long range weapons; it’s primary use will be in open terrain; such along highways or semi urban areas where range can be utilised.

  7. Chua – “orders a couple of weapons to test them out. Doesn’t mean they will be fielded”

    We hardly do that. Small arms and such are provided by the OEM or local agent.

    In the case of the NLW; we acquired a small batch for operational reasons to equip a RMR unit. I was told this in 2011 when it was first displayed; having just been delivered.

    It’s an anti material weapon not intended to be used for extended periods by people on foot; thus its weight doesn’t necessarily have to be a constraint. Same goes with the Barrett and McMillan and crew served weapons; intended to be used by aircraft or vehicle deployed teams.

  8. @Azlan
    As Marhalim says though, even the Barrett is significantly lighter than the NTW.

    I believed the Army was looking to replace its McMillan 50 BMG at that point and along came an agent with good connections to promote the NTW in the late 90s, early 2000. It gained traction as the government was looking to cement ties with South Africa. Was it a good decision, of course not. That’s why we only bought a small number of the guns as it proved to be unwieldy for our terrain and even tactics.

  9. Chua – “As Marhalim says though, even the Barrett is significantly lighter than the NTW.”

    Of course it is. Both however are anti-material weapons and are not intended to be used by people who have to operate on foot for long distances or periods.

    It can be configured for 14.5mm which although would make it slightly lighter; is a round we don’t operate.

  10. Chua – “As Marhalim says though, even the Barrett is significantly lighter than the NTW”

    Being chambered for 20mm and 14.5mm; the NTW was also intended to deal with different tours of targets compared to anti material rifles such as Barrett.

    I’m not saying we should have bought it or that we should get more; merely that we shouldn’t compare it to smaller calibre anti material rifles intended for slightly different mission sets.

  11. @Azlan
    >”we shouldn’t compare it to smaller calibre anti material rifles intended for slightly different mission sets.”

    Depends on IF we truly are using it for different mission sets.

  12. Chua – “IF we truly are using it for different mission sets

    IF we didn’t intend on using it for roles in which it’s larger calibre and range – compared to the Barrett – enables different things to be performed; we wouldn’t have bought it …. We would have bought more Barretts.

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