On The Way, NLAW

SHAH ALAM: On the way, NLAW. In June, last year, I reported that Malaysia may well have purchased the Saab NLAW (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon) based on a tender for a multi modal transport operator to ship the weapons back here.
Although, a winning bidder for the tender was selected it appears that the contract had lapsed without the weapons being shipped here.

This is because the government is again looking for a multi modal transport operator to ship the NLAW from Sweden to Malaysia. The tender was published on Sept. 27 and closes on Oct. 7

The tender notice published on the Defence Ministry website.

I am pretty sure that this is not a second shipment for the NLAW as I was told in October last year that export permit had not been cleared by that time (for the shipment tendered in June). Furthermore I again checked about the NLAW during LIMA 19 and was told that the weapons had not been delivered yet. Of course, the Army and Saab have yet to confirm nor deny the purchase.

Saab NLAW. Saab

Anyhow as part of the Army’s recapitalisation programme, it is also expected an order for the Saab Carl Gustav M4 will be made. I am not purview of the exact date though it must be noted that the Army’s stock of the Goose are long in the tooth already.

Saab Carl Gustav Mk 4. Saab

Anyhow, I was invited and attended a briefing for the media organised by the Defence Ministry on Oct. 2. Defence Minister Mohammad Sabu attended the briefing and answered the questions from those who attended. As the briefing and Q&A were off the record I took the opportunity to ask the minister about the MD530G and the M109 SPH deal. As it was off the record let me just point out my earlier post on both.

MD530G and M109.

As others had reported it also, let me just say that earlier report remained factual.

–Malaysian Defence

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