Multi Purpose Boats for RMN

One of the Watercat assault/landing boat of marine police. The vessel or the latest version could be offered for the RMN FIC tender.

SHAH ALAM: The RMN is looking to purchase three multipurpose boats for the Eastern Fleet Command as part of the ongoing Op Benteng operations. The request for bids was published by the eperolehan website yesterday and its opened to local suppliers and shipbuilders. The RFB specifically stated that the bidders interested in taking part must supply evidence that it can supply the boats within 36 months of the contract is awarded. It is unclear however whether this means all three or the first one only.

RMN CB90 Combat boat

According the specifications published, two of the MPBs will be based at the TLDM base in Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu with the last one at Sandakan. It said the main task for the MPBs are for “Intercept the Contact of Interest(COI)”. Other duties include counter-piracy and anti-sea robbery operation, deter entry of illegal foreign fishing boats and immigrants, deter entry of illegal and goods smuggling activities, intelligence gathering activities as well as as search and rescue operation.

One of the Watercat assault/landing boat of marine police. T.

Selected highlights of the requirements. For a detailed version go to the eperolehan website.

The MPB will also be used for the supply of logistics to RMN sea basing and offshore sites and general transportation. The other technical aspects “It shall be able to maintain cruising at 35 knots and sprinting speed more than 48 knots (half load), 45knots (full load) and shall be able to be transported by land using low loader truck and hoisted using at least 10 tonnes crane.Robustness. It shall be able to withstand rough handling andoperating in sea condition not less than Sea State 2.Simplicity. It shall be easy to operate and manned by minimum number of crews three (3) which is helmsman, technical and seaman staff.

Tropicalisation. It shall be able to operate in tropical weather and environmental conditions.”

Technical Mandatory MPB Design Weight: Range 5000 kg to 6000kg.Beam: At least 3.0 m.Height: At least 1.6 m.Length: At least 14 m.Maximum Speed At least 48 knots (half load) for an hour (in SeaState 2).

Gading Marine 17 foot FIC.

At least 45 knots with full load displacement with 12 personnel onboard (Sea State 1).Cruising Speed At least 35 knots (in Sea State 2).At least 35 knots with full load displacement with 12 personnel onboard (Sea State 1).Range. At least 220 nm at cruising speed and in Sea State 2.Draught at Full Load. It shall not more than 0.9 m.Turning Circle. It shall have the following capabilities: The turning circle diameter of 360° to be less than four (4) lengths MPB at maximum speed.It shall have uniform turning characteristics for both port and starboard turns.Complement. Four (4) permanent boat crews with additional eight(8) passenger personnel.

Material Selection. Hull and superstructure material shall be highgrade of fibreglass composite.

The MPB shall be equipped with but not limited to the followings: Outboards Motor (OBM). It shall comply but not limited to the following requirements: Minimum three (3)OBM with appropriate 300 horsepower to achieve the desired speed and endurance of the MPB.

Benteng class FIC. MMEA

As the requirements called for the cabin/bridge to be air-conditioned unlike the open topped RHIB and FICs of the MMEA and RMN. These boats could easily be modified to include a cabin. As the MPBs are to be equipped with out-board motors, designs like the CB 90 or Watercat M14 – equipped with diesel engines and waterjets – are not suitable for the tender as most of the boats designed for military use.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. These boats come with any protection? Like resistant to small arms fire and the like.

    Would they be armed? Should at least be equipped with a machine gun…

    Based on the specifications, no. It will be armed with at least one GPMG. For patrol work additional personnel will likely be armed with M4s and other small arms

  2. I do like me some Ares 85 Hercules. Not sure if that is within the requirements specification though. 🙂

  3. “why just 3? this kinda boats should be bought in the dozens for whole malaysia”…simply they simply have to test these boats in actual environment before follow on order,because not all boats especially fiber material will last the trashing given by the open sea…..either rhese fibre boat will absorb water in the long run or break up easily in these conditions…you should know local built standards.actually if RMN is smart enough they could even use these boats as intermediate remote controlling of the UAV……

  4. Lets hope mmea gets what they wants, not necessarily the hi quality they are hoping for but for now the quantity of rhe said items.
    Please no middle man….they will buy things at factory price and sell it at retail price + comissions….just buy direct from OEM that way it will be much cheaper…..

  5. IMHO just buy from Shin Yang or Destini or whatever shipyard that can deliver. Just leave Boustead out of the picture! 🤨

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