More Sniper Rifles For Paskal

A sniper team from 10th Para Brigade with the AW308 7.62 mm sniper rifle together with the Nyxus handheld thermal imager. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: More sniper rifles for Paskal. The navy special forces unit – Pasukan Khas Laut (Paskal) is getting ten sniper rifles of different types courtesy of six separate quotation notices published within the last four months or so. As the specifications for the weapons were not made public we only know that the Paskal is getting six multi-position, one compact and three light weight sniper rifles. The Army also bought sniper rifles earlier this year.

A US Army Compact Semi Automatic Sniper System an HK M110A1 in 7.62mm Nato. US Army

I have no idea what is a multi-position sniper rifle but I think I know what is a compact and a lightweight sniper rifle. A compact sniper rifle may well be a lightweight one as well but it is usually the term used for a precision rifle for use in confined space like a ship or oil drilling platforms of which the Paskal trained for most of the time. The weapon is still usually chambered for the 7.62mm Nato round (as pictured above). It is unlikely that Paskal will go for a non-Nato cartridge weapon due to logistic reasons
Paskal range of HK firearms displayed at the NSOF launch in 2016. The XM8 carbine is the one nearest with the HK417 next to it.

A lightweight sniper rifle usually means it is also a compact one but sometimes it is chambered for the 5.56mm Nato round like the ones used for the Colt M4, the standard rifle of the Malaysian military. However, most of the 5.56mm round sniper rifles are used by police snipers due to the shorter shooting scenarios compared to military ones.
A US Army sniper with a FN MK20 7.62mm during a training deployment. US Army

It is likely that the multi-position tactical sniper rifles that were bought by Paskal (though not yet delivered) are actually multi-calibre sniper rifles like the Barret MRAD or the Acurracy International AXCM. The rifles could be easily (relatively) changed to another cartridge (7.62mm Nato to .338 Lapua cartridge, or vice versa). It must be noted a quotation notice for eight multi caliber sniper rifles for Paskal, was issued in March, this year and the RM718,000 contract was awarded to Lembah Sembilan Sdn Bhd.
Accuracy International AXMC sniper rifle. AI

Anyhow it is interesting to note that the single lightweight sniper rifle was awarded to Newtech Pro Sdn Bhd for RM180,000 (published in September 27, 2021.The same company also was awarded the contract for the single compact sniper rifle (RM99,000) which was also published on September 27. Newtech Pro also won the contract for two lightweight sniper rifle (RM33,960) published on Nov. 11.
An Army sniper with his weapons, an M4A1 and Accuracy International sniper rifle.

The multi position sniper rifle notice published on September 16, 2021, was won by Nestari Resources Sdn Bhd (RM35,000); the notice published on September 27, 2021 to Newtech Pro Sdn Bhd (RM192,000) and the notice published on November 10, 2021 was also awarded to Newtech Pro (RM38,040).
A member of the Army shooting team taking part in the Sniper competition of AASAM 2016 with an Accuracy International AW rifle. Australian Army – FB

I have no idea why the prices vary from each contracts as I have no access to the specifications but it will be interesting to find out the reasons. It is likely these sniper rifles are fitted with thermal night scopes in addition to their day telescopic sights. And order for four clip-on thermal scopes awarded in February this year to Softlab Technologies cost RM440,000.
Trijicon Electro Optics SNIPE-IR 35mm Clip-On Thermal Imaging Monocular IRCO-35. Used for illustration only. Trijicon

It must be noted that PDRM also issued a tender for 34 8.6X70 mm (.338) sniper rifles in February, 2021. Apart from the rifles, the supplier must supply them with sniper and spotting scopes as well as night vision devices and ammunition for some 500, 000 rounds. Unfortunately, the cost of the contract, won by Lembah Sembilan Sdn Bhd was not published.

*Edited through out to add more details on two more lightweight sniper rifles contract awarded to Newtech Pro. And the eight multi caliber rifle contract, thermal scopes and PDRM tender.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Phew usd45k for a lightweight sniper rifle. I wonder what kind of optics it had though. Even the British LMT L129A1 7.62mm with Trijicon ACOG 6×48 scope can be bought for around usd6k. Hmmm I wonder why something smells fishy here….

  2. This is the first time I’m hearing about a ‘lightweight’sniper rifle although I do know the diffrence between ‘sniper rifles’ which fall within a specific weight category and heavier ‘anti material rifles’.

    We also have to differenciate between ‘snipers’and ‘sharpshooters’. ‘Snipers’ tend to employ a lot of fieldcraft and operate behind enemy lines as opposed to police or non military ‘sharpshooters’ which tend to remain in place waiting for a shot.

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