Malindo Latgabma Darsasa 2010

KUALA LUMPUR: As you all might know already, the Joint Force Headquarters hosted the Malindo Latgabma Darsasa in Malacca from Mar 25 to Apr 10.
The exercise was focused on Counter-Terrorism hence the name of the exercise of Malaysian-Indonesia Combined Joint Exercise Sea, Air and Land. Our Unit Lawan Keganasan/CT operators from 11GGK, Paskal and the Paskau were put through their paces with the Kopassus, Denjaka and DenBravo, their Indonesian counterparts.
Training were conducted at the Special Warfare Centre at Sungai Udang where real explosives were used.
The land component scenario exercise was held at the Everly Resort in Tanjung Keling where hostage rescue operations were conducted (with real ammo and simulated explosives) while the Sea component was held along the waters off Tanjung Keling where a merchant ship was used as the target ship for Paskal/Denjaka to board and recapture.
The air component was held at the Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology, Jenderam near Sepang, where the airliner hijacking scenario exercise was held. Initially they wanted to use Batu Berendam Airport for the scenario with Paskau/DenBravo conducting a HAHO/HALO insertion to recapture the facility and rescue hostages from a hijacked airliner but the state authorities did not approved it.
In the end the scenario was carried out even though they had to do it at MIAT and insertion were the way of buses…
To add to the realism, the Everly Resort “terrorists” also had chemical weapons which needed the intervention of CBRN troops, Malaysian and Indonesian of course. Click on the pictures for a better look…

Nuri helicopter unloading CT team at the Everly Resort roof top

An Indonesian Kopassus trooper with Accuracy International sniper rifle

A Paskal trooper with an Accuracy International sniper rifle

Denjaka troopers with HK416s with optical sights and Oakleys....

A Paskau trooper with an SIG552 with suppressor

A DenBravo trooper with an MP5 fitted with a HWS sight.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. But I was taken by surprise by the loud explosion which broke the glass of the room

SF troopers fast-roping from a Nuri helicopter.

An Indonesian CBRN trooper with an M4.

SF troopers prepare to move out after an exercise. Note the Ford Ranger assault vehicle of the 11GGK. The leader on the left is from 11 GGK. the other troopers who knows? But they are probably Malaysian troops as their guns only had iron sights.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. That was cool Marhalim! I wish I was there! Anyway have anyone ever heard about the recent news from our defence minister that is a contract of RM 10.5 billion will be signed for the armed forces mainly in procuring new assets? I largely believe that this might include the PT PINDAD PANSER procurement from Indonesia. Although I don’t agree after all what the Indon did to us, but it’s the govt decision.

  2. marhalim, are u really sure that was Indonesian CBRN trooper?

    Marhalim: I am sure, our CBRN troops were in suits which had the normal Malaysian camouflage. Furthermore they carried beaten up M4s, that what got me talking to them….

  3. Bro Marhalim, HIHO/HILO tu apa? biasa pernah dgr HAHO/HALO utk insertion method commando..

    Marhalim: Yes you are right my mistake…..

  4. Sig 552, bukan 516. Itu dari Swissarms. 516 itu from Sig Sauer in the US and is a piston op M4.
    I can’t believe how popular the EOTurd is.


    Marhalim: Yes you are right Simon its the 552, but its the 516 that is being marketed to Malaysia nowdays. At least they got the EODs, our GGK and Paskal were mostly relying on Mk 1 eye balls…..

  5. Ahh…look like we lost the beauty contest again. From limited pictures i saw here and elsewhere, only the PASKAU in my opinion did me proud with their gear (i wonder why the grey silencer was attached back in LIMA). PASKAL is still stuck in the past and cannot get over their love affair with MP5s. I prefer their green camo than the cheap looking all black. Maybe green or grey Nomex suit will look better on them. Enough of the CT black garbs. It is so yesterday.

    The indon on the other hand, showed up in full gears. There were not even spare socks left in their barracks. But then again, much of their equipments are provided for. Thanks to the American and Australian military assistance on war on terror.

    I know the quality of a soldier cannot be judged by the equipment alone. Then again it is very unlikely we will ever get to see a shooting war so why not try win this little “contest”? Wont do any harm to the morale right? Just my 2 cents.

    Marhalim: Yes we lost the beauty contest, I was also disappointed with the guns and accessories carried by our boys. Paskau looked up-to-date as they only got their guns and accessories within the last two years. I have seen Paskal A Teams with long guns and even LMG before but they did not bring them this time around. The GGK is not getting the allotment of new guns due to several reasons, things will improve by next month I am told. We also got equipment and gear from Uncle Sam but for unknown reasons they were not carried during the exercise….

  6. Yesterday in bernama it was announced that the treasury has approved additional RM12 billion to 2010 budget. 6-7% of that could go to the defence sector (if follow budget 2010 breakdown). Say 30-40% of that 6-7% could go to funding new equipment or at least down payment for new equipment. So may be there is hope for the new choppers and other equipments badly needed yet.

  7. probably for CT role they didn’t used their brand new HK416. But whatever it is our defense forces will stuck with newly old M4 or their derivatives 516, 552 etc. for the next 20 years. should seek for 5th gen rifle aka HK-XM8, FN-SCAR, Beretta ARX160 etc.

    Marhalim: Who did not bring along their 416s?

  8. Paskal like Gerak Khas I believe, uses the Aimpoint 2 on their MP-5s.

    Any rumours Marhalim as to who is the favourite to supply sights for the M4s – Trijicon or Aimpoint?

    Marhalim: Aimpoint….

  9. During the trials held in 2006, Aimpoint was the only outfit to sent a representative. EO Tech and Trijicon only sent their local agents. It was memtioned in Perjurit that PASKAU got some Patria ITs for their Sigs.

    dia…. I wouldnt be surprised if a decision is made in a few years to buy something else. About the H416, isn’t it only on issue to the police?

    Marhalim: I have only seen the 416s used by the police marine special unit, Ungerin. But they are now being re-equipped with Bushmasters,- Carbon 15s, carbines and SMGs, courtesy of good ole Pak Lah. The UTK is also calling for the purchase of Barret 50 calibre rifles…

  10. both of them (rgk n pkl) should be able to use their existing Aimpoint with their general issue the newly old M4 (removable carrying handle) or the old M16 carbine since their Aimpoint came with various bracket including a dove-tail(crooked) M4 picatiny rail, minimi n gpmg bracket. Should never forget the basic method of the MK1 ….

  11. EOTechs are notorious for turning themselves off due to the arrangement of the battery compartment and sprung contacts of the 55x series. This is why they changed to the XPS-2 series with the transversely mounted battery compartment. After ‘winning’ the SOCOM contract, they proceeded to send out a modification kit for every single 553 out there. T-1s are MUCH better optics for their purposes..small, compact and stupid long battery life. Simon

  12. Does anyone know what sights were fitted the AUG A1s produced by SME? The first batch made in Austria were fitted with a standard 1.5 magnification Austrian made sight but to save dosh I believe SME fitted a cheaper sight for it’s AUGs.

    Also Marhalim, any idea where the BMS fitted on the PT-91s was sourced from?

    Marhalim: As far as I know Azlan, it was the same optics as the ones from Austria. I was told that its Sagem, but I have not been able to confirm it.

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong but are the only army users of the Minimi [or the SAW as the Yanks would call it] 10 Para and Gerak Khas? The rest of the army still use the HK-11 as a section fire support right? There have been photos of army Minimis fitted with a Picatinny rail but whether any otics were bought for them is a different matter.

    ”It found it interesting that in another blog, a former army officer said that the FAMAS was also trialed with the AUG, along with the FNC back in the late 80’s. On another matter in militaryphotos” there is a pic of a SAAB official briefing an army bigwig on work done on the Carl Gustav. Perhaps this means the army has had its Carl Gustavs reworked by SAAB?

    Marhalim: I have also not seen any optics on our Minimis unlike the rest. The Aussies and the Brits are also using the Minimi as some other Nato countries. SAAB had done refurbishment on our Carl Gustav and they also helped SME Ordnance to produce the warheads locally…

  14. regarding the Indonesian CBRN on the butt of the M4 its written 2kdo 05 and the soldier are wearing Malaysian issued helmets and LEB. and in the vid the lady NBC surely dont speaks like indonesian.

    Marhalim: Yes the lady is Malaysian, the CBRN troops like the rest of the operators were a joint unit, Malaysian and Indonesian, the Malaysians are in our normal loreng while the Indonesians were in the olive green uniforms. As for the 2KD0 05 I have never seen stencil numbers on our guns. As for the Special Operators, the only way to differentiate the Malaysian and Indonesian operators are their helmets. The Indons used the US GI Fritz helmets while our are the normal ones….

  15. It seems in the latest Perajurit it seems the very same picture, the troop were identified as Team PNBK Tentera Darat.

    one of you must be right.

    But i agree that it is a strange stencil on the M4. I never saw it on any of the Army M4 that ive seen. Especially the red x on the magazine.

    Regarding the scope i saw some ULK unit did have scope on their MP5, i cant identify its manufacturer though but i saw the same scope were use in Timor Leste mission picture.

    Some TNI troops dont have scope too, so its a matter of choice. Last but not least, the last thing on both side mind is a fashion contest. There is no such things.

    Marhalim: Yes I saw the same caption in Perajurit but I guess both of us were more grativated towards taking pictures of the guys holding the gun not those without one…

  16. After comparing a few pics I think that bro is wearing the standard Malaysian army boots. Indonesian soldiers wearing Malaysian helmets and carrying equipment is one thing, but I doubt they did not even take their own boots to this exercise.

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