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Malaysian Army

78th Anniversary Army Parade (2011)

SHAH ALAM: The Army will have a parade at Dataran Merdeka on Sunday (Mar 6 2011) as part of its 78th anniversary celebration. The Army is also having an exhibition at Dataran Merdeka this weekend. The parade starts at 8am. For close-up pictures of equipment though make your way […]

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Upgraded Nuri

PETALING JAYA: The picture below is the first upgraded S-61T to be delivered to the US State Department. The T is the proposed version for the project to upgrade our fleet of surviving Nuris. I dont have Photoshop but one can imagine a RMAF version after seeing the picture below […]

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Malaysian Defence

Heres Hoping….

KUALA LUMPUR: The new Army had in his first meeting with the Press after taking as the PTD last May had said that the Army was reviewing the soldier’s personal equipment needs “from head to toe” and this will see a marked improvement from previous years. Lets hope in the […]

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Malaysia: The World Top Arms Importer! Edited

KUALA LUMPUR: Based on the Trends in international arms transfers, 2009 Paul Holtom, Mark Bromley, Pieter D. Wezeman and Siemon D. Wezeman SIPRI Fact Sheet it appears that Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, are in an arms race. The 722 percent figure cited by the publication really sounds alarming doesnt it? […]