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Ask, Godammit, Ask…

You can bet that if next year, they proceed with the MRCA purchase, one smart aleck will start screaming again…sheesh

Upgraded Nuri

PETALING JAYA: The picture below is the first upgraded S-61T to be delivered to the US State Department. The T is the …

The MRCA Tender Is On?

I know I maybe putting the cart before the horse, but I believed that the RMAF new MRCA programme will be tendered soon.

The Positive and The Negative

There is no shame of saying “I dont know” which is an honest answer instead of giving way to an infantile ranting. I know its below my pay grade, but appended here should be an answer which will be worthy of reading for generations to come.

Heres Hoping….

KUALA LUMPUR: The new Army had in his first meeting with the Press after taking as the PTD last May had said …