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PETALING JAYA: The picture below is the first upgraded S-61T to be delivered to the US State Department. The T is the proposed version for the project to upgrade our fleet of surviving Nuris. I dont have Photoshop but one can imagine a RMAF version after seeing the picture below of the T-version.


I had reported before the Nuri upgrade programme will be funded in 2014, the next phase of the 10th Malaysian Plan. Hopefully it will go as planned although some people I know feels its over the top and a waste of money. They feel it will be better for the Nuri to be returned to its original condition before the ad-hoc upgrades through the years.

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The press release from Sikorsky
Sikorsky Aerospace Services Delivers First Upgraded S-61TM Helicopter to U.S. State Department

SHELTON, Connecticut – Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) today announced the delivery of the first upgraded S-61™ helicopter to the U.S. State Department. With its history of reliability and safety, the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter is capable of performing a wide range of critical missions including medical evacuation, passenger and logistics transportation. SAS is the aftermarket division of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

“This delivery marks another significant milestone for the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter program and speaks to the continued success of the aircraft’s upgrade program launched earlier this year. The S-61 helicopter continues to be one of the most dependable and best value aircraft in the aerospace industry,” said David Adler, SAS president.

Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department entered into an IDIQ (indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity) agreement to purchase up to 110 upgraded S-61 helicopters for passenger and cargo transport missions in support of worldwide operations. To date, purchase orders for 17 aircraft have been placed by the DoS for use in locations throughout the world. The S-61 helicopter has established a reputation as a reliable and mission-capable helicopter.

The upgrade program incorporates advancements in state-of-the-art technology that launches this long-proven aircraft into the twenty-first century. The upgraded S-61 helicopter includes a full array of system upgrades for enhanced mission performance. Composite main rotor blades (CMRB) provide improved functionality in hot/high conditions. Additional features have been incorporated to reduce pilot fatigue and maintenance requirements for increased safety. The upgraded S-61 aircraft offers its operators an affordable purchase price, economical operating costs and intrinsic resale value. Four aircraft are to be delivered in 2010, with deliveries of the next 13 upgraded S-61 helicopters scheduled throughout 2011.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim, upgrading the surviving Nuris to Triton standard would be the most logical and cost effective solution given that the airframes still have many hours left and that funding is unlikely to be provided any time soon for the number of Cougars that are needed to fill our operational requirements. I can’t see how upgrading the Nuris would be a waste of money. The RMAF has a longt erm requirement for 74 Cougars of which the MOF had agreed to 27 Cougars with 12 being ordered under the 12th Malaysia Plan and another 15 being acquired under the 10th Malaysia Plan. As we all know, the contract has yet to be signed…

    Someone in another post asked why more MRCA’s are needed. A good question, given that we have a long shopping list that remains unfulfilled due to funding restrictions and that MRCA’s are unlikely to be used in anger and have almost no peactime utility unlike helicopters and UAV’s which are currently needed. Surely the reason we need more MRCA’s is because fighters numbers in the RMAF are low, in relation to the size of the country and the operational responsibilities of the RMAF. The right question should have been whether funding for more MRCA’s should be provided now, instead of proceeding with ordering the Sri Inderapura replacement,Nuri replacement, UAVs, etc, and not whether more MRCa’s are needed.

    The right question that should be asked is whether funding for MRCA’s should be provided now and not whether we need more MRCA’s.

    Marhalim: Yes I agree with the Triton upgrade solution but as I mentioned in the story some are totally against it. Perhaps its more of the opposition against the company that is supposed to do it.

    As for the MRCA, as Eagle had pointed out before RMAF had not come out with a mission statement for the planes. Since they have yet to officially announce the tender, we should wait for it before asking the relevant questions. To me the MRCA question hang high in RMAF as the Fighter Mafia is in charge….

  2. Brother! the fighter Mafia is clueless but the politician in power know how to squeeze their ball as they will okyed everything!
    You wanna bet but unless TDM is adamant on his last remark in his blog.

  3. Marhalim

    Waa…so the Nuri will be upgraded? Didnt the Defence Ministry say to the PAC that the Nuri needed to be replaced ASAP? Are you saying the they misled parliament?

    Marhalim: Yes the Nuri need to be replaced as the primary RMAF CSAR bird ASAP. But as usual they muddled through it. Makes you wonder whether it is a lie….

  4. I would say that a complete rebuilt of the Nuri’s and ungrading would be the most cost effective.The whole plane should be strip down and inspected for fatique, systems upgraded to modern LCD standards, Fadec enabled, night vision compatible, new radars, new engines and new rotors.
    Once this is done the helis can be as good as new.Not only that. The experience will stand us in good stead to improve our technological know how too. We cant afford to get plenty of new stuff. So if we are to make use of or rather to overuse the new machines and killing thme faster, we might as well make better use of what we have but of course need to be rebuilt and upgraded to meet new standards and requirements

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