Wikileaks and Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: We are still waiting with bated breath whether or not Wikileaks will release a US diplomatic cables from the Kuala Lumpur embassy.

Further reading.. With thousands of cables supposedly available, hopefully we will get something.

Not so much on politics of course, but Malaysia’s defence matters especially concerning MRCA purchase and other juicy stuff.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Malaysia is long equipped with the US anti balistic-missile missile! Hahaha that’s sound darn stupid. Anyway, no shining thing will be revealed by the Wikileaks people about Malaysia. Maybe the most shining thing might be revealed is not a shocking truth as it is might be about traitor to the nation who was charged with sodomy, convicted and given a 15 year prison sentence. Please don’t take this seriously as it is no threat to the nation and just a personal view that does not mattter.

    The South-Korean president will be here in Malaysia on Thursday of this week. Any good thing for the armed forces? Let’s wait and see but I think probably no.

  2. There was a STAR artcle a few days ago about Wikileaks in which mention was made that our UN Representative was one of many from developing countries to have been targeted by U.S. intel. No surprises there, of course its only business and nothing personal. There are probably 4-5 countries if not more that regularly listen in to our comms and try to break our ciphers….

  3. TDM asked apanama! war in Malaysia? When? So just upgrade!!!
    He loves the Russian and I think he has got a point. What say you brother?!

    Marhalim: yes if we want to upgrade the 29s it can be done much cheaper than buying new jets but do not go the Indian route as TDM has suggested. The Indians take their own time in finalising such programmes.

    And btw, since you are the most knowledgeable about the Fulcrum do you think is it really cost effective to upgrade them. I know it will be cheaper than buying new MRCAs but is it really worth the effort?


    This is the link to the wikilleaks for the American Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

    At the moment only 2 files.

    One of the files is classified as secret. Something to do with Bank Negara issuing offshore bank licence to an Iranian entity suspected in Iranian Nuclear programme.

  5. As expected the first big leak is about DSAI. But the report claimed the intelligence came from intercepted communication. Really? Both SBs has a close relationship…

  6. Hahahaha looks like I am correct. I think, more about him/her will be released anytime soon by the wikileaks people. Who knows?

    (P.S= Please don’t take this seriously as it is no threat to the nation or somebody and just a personal view that does not mattter. Tq)

  7. Brother! wikileaks, woi! you know ha…they have close relationship…..
    May be we need to wait a little bit more to see the momentum … if they have it on DSAI surely they have the same on the C4…or the missing engines… hahahahaha.
    Fantastic, wikileaks as starter for 3rd world war initiated by Malaysia and Singapore say wikileaks so now we go for Super Hornet ma! Now who is making money and who is spending?
    But Samy Velu juga untung can enjoy life as special envoy in India. Wow! what a life man…

  8. WikiLeaks and Malaysia:

    Wikileaks: 994 secret cables from KL
    30 NOVEMBER 2010

    KL ignores US plea on political prisoners
    2 DECEMBER 2010
    Wikileaks: first US embassy cable from KL

    Wikileaks: Malaysia rejects ban on Iran bank
    Second US embassy cable from KL
    10 DECEMBER 2010

    Malaysian envoy among 12 listed as spy target
    29 NOVEMBER 2010

    2 Malaysian firms snared in Iran missile probe
    30 NOVEMBER 2010

    Malaysia favoured by Iran arms traders
    2 DECEMBER 2010

    Hisham ducks the issue of black market arms deals
    2 DECEMBER 2010

    Wikileak: Anwar in sex trap ‘but he did it’
    12 DECEMBER 2010

    Relying on fifth-hand info in Anwar leak
    13 DECEMBER 2010

    Iran’s arms route through KL
    19 DECEMBER 2010
    Unanswered questions about Iran’s arms trade
    • Does Malaysia turn a blind eye to false end-user certificates?
    • Are corrupt officials part of the international arms trade?
    • Does Malaysia support sanctions against Iran’s weapons programs?

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