Wikileaks and Malaysian Defence

PETALING JAYA: Finally Wikileaks finally release a cable about defence. It remained innuendos however as the US diplomats are only quoting unnamed sources.

The entry about the Airbus deal is intriguing. It says the deal is about US$400 million or about RM1.15 billion. Based on my records it was between RM2 billion to RM2.5 billion! So is the guy is saying the commission is RM1.15 billion? Someone better do their job fast otherwise the already sceptical public will be very displeased. It will also more pressure on any defence contracts to be signed during the next four years.

Read the whole text here

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. “There is simply no way to know what is coming and when, especially in the military arena.” Best sentence in the ‘wikileak’.

    That’s why I am wary of any supposed deals…

  2. The executive described similar scenarios for procurement of T91 Polish tanks and SU-30 Russian Aircraft, alleging that the sellers, as well as Malaysian politicians, agents, civil servants and military personnel all received a 30% “commission.” Once, someone purporting to work for Deputy Prime Minister Najib approached him about a deal suggesting, “you will get a part of it.” He declined this offer.


    Very2 sad to think about the AV8, NGPV/LCS, MMRCA when you know that it is bought not for the sake of the country’s defence ( so much for all the “defending merdeka” slogans nowadays ) but for for their own pockets…

    Happy 54th Merdeka Malaysia… 🙁

    I am guessing that the exec is the Boeing point man here due to the reference about airliners and Malaysia Airlines!

  3. Just a note about A400M cost:

    Of course the real cost to the RMAF will be maintaining and operating the aircraft.

    Operations and support costs should be factored in during the evaluation stage. Our problem has always been the initial cost has always been so high that we always try save it while operating the weapon system. Its a chicken and egg issue again. If we factor in the 30 year life cost of operations and support, the weapon system looks unaffordable.

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