VAB vs Anoa = Condor!

PETALING JAYA: I sincerely hope with this post, the Indonesian media and establishment will stop making noise about Malaysia buying the Anoa.

Yes, it appears both the VAB and its Indonesian version, the Anoa, have been beaten in the competition to supply Malaysian peacekeepers in Lebanon a new 6X6. And the winner? The Malaysian Army Condors!

I was informed that the 33 Condors were shipped to Lebanon recently to replace those vehicles which had been deployed there since two or three years ago. As Malaysian Defence had reported earlier there were attempts to replace those Condors initially with new or second-hand 6X6 but the programme went no where as the requirement was supposed to be filled by the Anoas.

The Indonesian media and establishment on various occasions had went to town on the supposed deal and the latest report also stated that a deal for 32 Anoas worth some USD80 million was confirmed by the Indonesian defence minister himself. Read Here

As this report and others in the past had been denied by our Defence Minister, the latest developments in Lebanon probably means that the programme to replace the Condor is, officially, dead. That said, strange things have happened in Malaysia before.

A RAD Condor in service with UNIFIL mission. Joint Force picture
A RAD Condor in service with UNIFIL mission. Joint Force picture

I am told the Condors recently shipped to Lebanon, are outfitted with new engines. Whether these engines were fitted recently for the Lebanon mission or whether these were part of the batch that were re-engined after the Bosnia and Somalia missions, I have no idea.

I was told however that apart from the new engines, the Condors are not much better than the ones they are replacing. Let’s hope the UN give us more RG-33s.

–Malaysian Defence

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