RM500 Million for 1MF1 Team

KUALA LUMPUR: They are going to spend close to RM500 million to start the 1MF1 team. How wonderful if those precious money is spend on our national security. Yeah, I know we wont be getting free publicity all over the world but we could get at least five medium size patrol boats for that amount money. Yeah, I know the money is not supposed to come from the Treasury but sheesh….

If only we can get so many people so excited about national security………

From Bernama

RM168 Million Start-Up Capital For 1Malaysia, Annual Budget Estimated At RM308 Million

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 (Bernama) — 1Malaysia F1 Team will have a start-up capital of RM168 million while the team’s baseline annual budget is estimated at RM308 million.

In a statement, the team said Proton Holdings Bhd will licence its Lotus brand to the 1Malaysia F1 Team (1MF1T).

Malaysian Defence

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  1. Another mega project which definitely goin down the drain..can we have enough of F1?

    Btw..we already have A1 Malaysian Team..do we need F1 team?..please…we need more money for defence..

    just like u said:
    RM500 million is equal to five medium size patrol boats or perhaps..
    a)1 unit of defence and Geo-recon orbital satellite for MAF’s intel,
    b)more APCs,
    c)more heli for PUTD,
    d)upgrade MAF’s EW Capability,
    e)upgrade MAF’s IT capability or
    f) perhaps with Rm500 Million ,MAF can start R&D for Future Infantry (etc exoskeleton and mecha project)

    Marhalim: I know that the funding for the project is supposedly to come from the private sector but there have been many similar projects (PFI) in the past that initially was supposed to come from the private sector (MAS privatisation, PLUS, the LRT, ERL and such other project) but when they get stuck they always get a government bailout. I am not suggesting that the team will fail but by branding it as 1Malaysia F1 team meant that if they get into the trouble , dont you expect the Malaysian government which come out with the 1Malaysia would be compelled to help out?

  2. The F1 team is another medium for the govt to promote our country and our local company so there is no problem with the privately-funded 1Malaysia f1 team.

    Marhalim: Syameer, as far I could remember there has been no real Private Funding Initiative in the country, in the end the Government always had to bail them out. Perhaps the 1M1F1 Team will break the duck but if even Honda and BMW says they cannot afford to run an F1 team, we must wonder how our own team will fare in within the next few years. Our team will be banking on Petronas mostly for the sponsorship. Petronas used to pay up to USD100 million per year for their sponsorship of F1. Guess where the money is going now.

  3. Lets forget about big ticket items like patrol boats,EW, helicopters, etc. The 500 million could have bought quite a few sights for the
    M-4s. At the moment, infantry units are issued with sub standard webbing that falls apart after a while. Perhaps we should start with the basics….

  4. For RM500 million, Malaysia can invest that amount into R&D to come up with indigenous weapons systems instead of continuing to license fundamental equipment like assault rifles, pistols, body armor, etc. from foreign manufacturers! We are SO FAR behind Singapore in that respect.. they have their own body armor, rifle, etc. R&D that have gone into production, e.g. SAR-21 and Hydroflex!

  5. i would say that this project is really unnecessary. first of all:

    1. What is ROI that they expected from having a national F1 team? is it a fame or reputation? i could not see that we are going to make more money from this event. i mean have we not see lots of F1 contender bugging out from F1 because they could not afford it. even if we have our own wind tunnel,exactly how much money can we generate from it?

    2. can this project really going to give proton a good reputation? i don’t think so. this is a desperate way to protect proton from incoming AFTA.

    marhalim: I believed the project encapsulated our its who you know, not what you know culture. Its pure Mahathirism at its best….

  6. There’s a rumour going around that the Eurofighter is in KL. Is it true? Could it be yet another purchase for the RMAF?

    Marhalim: probably they are talking about the Thunderbirds.

  7. There is no way Malaysia will be in a position to afford the Eurofighter. That why BAE Systems has not bothered to bring it to LIMA and why the Gripen is seen as an alternative to the Super Hornet.

  8. According to one report by the GlobalSecurity.org, the official of Rosoboronexport said that “Syria, the UAE, Malaysia, India and some other countries have shown an interest in the missile system,” and the missile system that he mean is the Russian Iskander-E Short Range-Balistic Missile. So I wonder if Malaysia should acquire such missile and be the first nation in SEA to acquire such missile.

    Marhalim: i have seen the report and have posted it here some time back. The only problem is the fact that the MAF infrastructure, communications and such, are sourced from western countries so we have to spend some money to ensure that these weapon system are integrated with our own C4I system which will make it an expensive affair. Thats why I have reservations on the S-300/S400 SAM system. Can we afford to integrate them to our current infrastructure and more importantly will it work?

  9. if this 1MF1 fails, no worries, KBS will sure bail it out. Same as ‘Le Tour De Langkawi’. Water face mahu kena jaga maaa….

    Marhalim: that is why I voiced my reservations about the whole project. And which allocation they will grab if they need to bail out the team? Will it be from health and education? Surely not. Will it be from rural development. God forbid. It will not even from youth and sports. Which ministry will be the fall guy? history tells us, its defence…….

  10. i can’t understand why our country must have 1MF1? if the gov said that it ‘s the to promote the country, that ridiculous! there’s a lot way to promote our country.Therefore, i can say, this mega project will last for 1 or 2 years only… With RM500m people money, we should upgrade our defense ourselves like Singapore and japan, and not too rely on other countries…

  11. “Syria, the UAE, Malaysia, India and some other countries have shown an interest in the missile system,”- Malaysia has shown an interest in many things, but actually buying it is a whole different matter. According to another forum, Malaysia has also been given a detailed product briefing on the SU-35, but as we all know, the RMAF if given a free hand would prefer a US made aircraft any day over a Russian one.

  12. I give it maximum 2 season before Tony will ask KBS to bail them out. That RM500 million could only sustain the team for 1 season plus only in my opinion

  13. Hopes we can find a good driver, plz don’t get a newbie one. new team and car, don’t need a new f1 firstime driver. TQ

  14. Slm & good day to everyone. Yeah! I agree with most of the comments. How Malaysia can receive benefit from such expensive and wasted programme such as 1MF1 team? Is it for fame, glory, or just for stupid reputation which need to be maintained just because don’t want Malaysia left out from F1 arena? Indeed, that RM500 million must be allocated for other fields, especially for Malaysia’s military modernization programme.

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